Rob Schwarz Jr. 

Writer and Contributor - @chiruxin on the Fantasy Life App
I have now been playing fantasy football for 13 years. For me, it started my senior year in high school. Hard to believe, but I was one of the nerds in high school. Yeah, keep laughing. I wasn’t the nerd playing Magic or Pokemon. No, I was the nerd that loved sports and loved to read about different players and stats. I was the nerd who secretly loved sports, but I was not a jock so I had no one to share my passion with. Fantasy football filled that void.

I started out by playing online with strangers. I took second place my first year and I had no idea what I was doing. As fantasy football became more popular, I was able to convince my family and co-workers into starting a league. I was probably 20 years-old. My passion has grown into an addiction over the last few years. DFS has expanded upon my addiction and I will be here to help anyone with lineup advice. I am now writing and editing fantasy articles on a consistent basis too. To read more of my writing or just to debate the game, you can find me on Twitter @Chisportsnut25 or in the FLAFFL chat on the Fantasy Life App @Chiruxin


Caleb Brunman

Writer and Contributor - @cb on the Fantasy Life App
After being an avid football and Patriots fan for many years, a friend who constantly bragged about their fantasy team roped me into the great game of fantasy football.... And I haven't looked back. After selecting Aaron Rodgers with the first overall pick in 2012 (and yet somehow still managing to win the league), I quickly began studying up on fantasy in order to extend my love of football into a neverending passion. Since that inaugural year, I have won three of four main league championships, as well as five of six league championships last season, including my main league, dynasty league, touchdown only league, IDP league, and four man gimmick league.

This year, I'm looking forward to more competition and fun as I'll be taking on friends from the Fantasy Life App across multiple leagues, as well as defending my main league title. I pride my fantasy game on preparation: Namely, the draft, and also how I plan my waiver wire play. While I'm technically a full-time student, I admit that my time is split over many hobbies, chief among them being fantasy football.


Justin Knight

Writer and Contributer - @jjknight16 on the Fantasy Life App

Winemaker by day. Average fantasy blogger/analyst by night. My fantasy addiction began in 2010 with a single (16 team) league. Started by a coworker, the league was a way escape during our busiest time of the year. I was reluctant. I loved Football, but knew nothing about Fantasy. I placed 3rd that year, 2nd the following year and brought home the ship in year 3. Since then the addiction has grown into a full blown sickness. My current league count stands at 10. 1 Hockey, 1 Baseball, and 8 football. 3 of which are Dynasty. 

I’m proud and excited to be apart of the prestigious FLAFFL house league (Embryo tier). I cant wait for the 2016 season! Along with writing for the FLAFFL house, I also contribute to the Fantasy life app Blog as “Average J”. Expect an unorthodox , sarcastic, and in your face writing style from this Packers fan. For more of average content, or to just call me out. You can find me as @jjknight16 on the Fantasy life App, or follow me on Twitter @justin16knight 


Anthony Reimer

Writer and Contributor - @mrmeseeks on the Fantasy Life App
How's it going fellow FLAFFLERS? My name is Anthony Reimer, some of you may know me as @mrmeseeks on the Fantasy Life App. I've been a Bears fan and a football fan for as long as I can remember. The anger, frustration, happiness and elation that this game evokes is amazing, and the reason I fell in love with it. I started playing fantasy football in 2006. Even though my first pick was Shaun Alexander, and I finished that season in last place, I was instantly hooked. Fantasy has helped football grow into a world wide juggernaut because it allows us to care about games that twenty years ago may have had little to no meaning. I've always been a passionate and avid writer, even when I had no medium on which to share it. I now have the opportunity to merge those two passions, and I'll do my best to not screw it up.



Matt Huntebrinker

NFC South Divisional Writer - @charethcutestory on the Fantasy Life App
Been playing fantasy football since the commish had to email the results to the league via AOL
dialup. A few championships, a whole lot of close calls, and even more heartbreak. Love great
beer and fantasy football and I love my wife because she loves both too. Born elsewhere, but
Atlanta is my home and the Falcons and Braves are my teams. If you can get past my pathetic
attempts at humor, I occasionally might pass along some useful knowledge.


Jay DonDOn

Writer and Contributor - @1littleindian on the Fantasy Life App
Well in FLAFFL house I’m the resident Canadian so I apologize if I spell my favourite words in a different way. I’ve been playing Fantasy sports for 15 years, Football trumps all but the others are great to pass the offseason. When it comes to football I bleed Giants blue, also a Jay’s, Raptors and Leafs fanatic. I keep busy golfing when my nose isn’t in a computer screen looking at stats , checking scores or arguing why TY Hilton has top 5 potential. 

I’m glad to be joining the FLAFFL house, to bring you my insight into the happenings this Fantasy football Season, as well as to make these guys send that beautiful trophy north. 

If you ever have any questions or just want an opinion feel free to hit me up on the Fantasy Life APP or on twitter as I’m always happy with any sports related discussion.


Shalin SHah

NFC North Divisional Writer - @shalin on the Fantasy Life App
My name is Shalin Shah. I currently live in Southern California, about 30 minutes from Los Angeles. I found the game of football at a young age. I discovered fantasy football in 2010 at the age of 16. I was amazed with the strategy and planning involved with it. Fantasy football is not luck; it is understanding of trends and data. We are statisticians, thinkers, scientists, jocks, and nerds. Fantasy football has opened doors in life for me. I've met a community of very genuine and amazing people. That's something I'll always be grateful for.

Outside of constantly being on Rotoworld, ESPN, and Bleacher Report, I enjoy the beach, working, and reading. My life has always consisted of sports, I'd be lost without them. Surprisingly, I am the only person in my family of four to have a strong understanding and passion towards sports. My goal in life is to truly enjoy life. I want to make sure peoplepeople remember me as a person who was kind, respectful, and overall just a good individual.


JAcob Dreyer

Writer and Contributor - @jacob9er on the Fantasy Life App
Jacob Dreyer (DRY-er) has been playing fantasy football since 2000. Jacob has experienced the joy of victory with double-digit championships (including a title in his inaugural season) … and the agony of defeat with back-to-back runner-up finishes (2013 and 2014).

Jacob and Matthew Berry were nearly colleagues, as Jacob was a finalist for an internship with ESPN Statistics and Information (2010).

Jacob is a former Sports Information Director for South Dakota State University, where he provided coverage for current NFL player Zach Zenner (Detroit Lions) and former NBA player Nate Wolters (Milwaukee Bucks).

Jacob is very active on the Fantasy Life App and in FLAFFL (@jacob9er) and on social media: Twitter (@jacob9er), Facebook (Jacob Dreyer), LinkedIn (Jacob Dreyer). He also composed a series of successful sports articles on his personal blog ( ).


Matt martinez

AFC West Divisional Writer - @martzmadness on the Fantasy Life App
Hi there, I’m Martz. I’m a part-time columnist for a newspaper in Northwest Illinois. I’m also an incoming freshman at Marquette University, where I’ll be studying journalism. I’m a huge Kansas City Chiefs fan, and a frequent user on FLA. Fantasy started for me about five years ago when my dad let me co-own a team with him in a league that dated back to the 1990’s. After making it to the championship and losing as a co-owner, I immediately followed it up with another run at the title owning my own team. Even with an unbeatable 2012 Adrian Peterson, I found myself falling short of the trophy once more. Since then, I’ve become co-commissioner of the league, missing the playoffs only once. I used to be enthralled with random leagues on ESPN as well, until I found that joining leagues with Fantasy Life users was a lot more fun. Currently in the FLB 60 + Empire Strikes Back Division, along with a few other neat leagues that I found. I hope my work here proves both diligent and insightful.


Dylan Finer

NFC East Divisional Writer
I am a Jersey-born fantasy football junkie. My allegiance lies with my fantasy teams first and the New York Jets at a distant second. I am studying to become a teacher at Syracuse University and also work for Syracuse Men's Basketball as a Student Manager. I'm always interested in finding a way to make the game more fun. 


brandon Bangley

Dynasty Expert - @brandontrigger on the Fantasy Life App and @DGFantasy on Twitter
I can count my favorite things on one hand.  In no particular order, they are my family, cereal, video games, air conditioning, and dynasty fantasy football.  From the moment I drafted my first fantasy team 12 years ago, I was hooked.  It didn't take long for me to crave a more long-term, (epic, if you will) version of the game we all love.

You love getting excited about rookies?  Me too.  You love projecting and predicting your favorite player's career arc?  Oh yeah.  Me too.  You love trading?  What about trading future draft picks?  It's official.  You need to play dynasty!  Check out my podcast, follow me on Twitter, and find me on The Fantasy Life App!



Shane reincke

AFC West Division Writer - @coloradostinkfinger on the Fantasy Life App and @shaneavsfan on Twitter
I am a Colorado Native who works with databases and loves to do research. I got into fantasy football a few years back just playing casual games. I instantly fell in love with the way fantasy makes you appreciate players, teams, and games across the entire league and allows you to stay close to friends and family across the country. 

I started the Colorado Proud fantasy league in 2013 and served as the commissioner since its inception. I'm always trying to get the edge on my competitive league mates and love all the different stories stats can tell.

 When I'm not living on ESPN and the FLA or watching football, you can find me walking my dogs, lifting weights, playing with my son, or watching hockey. I'll be a Broncos and Avalanche fan for life.


Matt 'Cheezi' Perdichizzi

Daily Fantasy Expert - @cheezi on the Fantasy Life App
Hi. My names Matt, but if you call me that it's weird. Cheezi is the name. I've been playing fantasy since I was 10 years old 8 years ago. That league was with my older brother and his friends, and I was forever know as the kid who won a championship even though at one point I owned every AFC East QB. (Tom Brady, Brett Favre, Chad Pennington, and Trent Edwards).

I'm in 20 something fantasy leagues, and I check them all daily. I think the most notable one is the FLB84, which I'm the commissioner of and that number will only increase next year. Go Big Blue!


Alexander camejo

AFC East Beat Writer - @alexcamejo10 onTwitter
What’s up everybody, Alex here. I’m 23 years old and was born and raised in Miami, Florida. I’ve had an affinity and love for the game of football for as long as I can remember. As a five year old kid I experienced the disappointment of my Jets blowing a second half lead in the AFC Championship game to John Elway and the Broncos. To jumping up and down in craze, calling my Dad, as he drove home from a night out with the guys, telling him the Jets were making a miraculous comeback. Which had him racing back home to watch the ending with his son… a game that would come to be known as the Monday Night Miracle.

It’s safe to say those early memories and many others growing up propelled my affection for this great game; and as time went on, that love for football slowly molded a love for fantasy football. It was hard to grasp at first, usually joining random leagues as a middle school kid, drafting cold turkey. Nine times out of ten I would select my favorite players. But, like I briefly mentioned before, my Dad was a big part of my understanding and growing enjoyment of fantasy sports. I can remember the days of not understanding how to seriously draft and research teams and players. I would then watch my Dad play in a payed 12 team keeper league with his friends from work. From there, he kind of showed me the ropes. So what started as a little hobby grew into a great understanding for the game as I got into my days in high school.

From those days until today, I’ve always been able to use my knowledge and compete in fun leagues with my closest friends. Though I don’t like to flex my muscles much, I’ve been a consistent player throughout the years, making solid playoff runs. Despite all that, I was never able to make it to the top of the mountain, until last year! I finally won my first championship in my hometown league (Albeit, in an unlikely fashion with a 6-7 squad. But I’ll take it!). That was really exciting for me and I’m looking forward to this season, piggy backing on last year’s success.  So with all that said I’m happy to give you, the reader, a little taste of who I am. And you should know that I will put nothing but effort and love into what is contributed to this site. If any of you want to know more, I’ll start being more active on the social media side of things. I’m always good for a conversation. I want to be engaged with this growing community, whether it’s fantasy football, or just sports in general. I have a passion for it all, and without you guys this would not be possible, so thank you.