Rob Schwarz Jr. 

Writer and Contributor - @chiruxin on the Fantasy Life App
I have now been playing fantasy football for 13 years. For me, it started my senior year in high school. Hard to believe, but I was one of the nerds in high school. Yeah, keep laughing. I wasn’t the nerd playing Magic or Pokemon. No, I was the nerd that loved sports and loved to read about different players and stats. I was the nerd who secretly loved sports, but I was not a jock so I had no one to share my passion with. Fantasy football filled that void.

I started out by playing online with strangers. I took second place my first year and I had no idea what I was doing. As fantasy football became more popular, I was able to convince my family and co-workers into starting a league. I was probably 20 years-old. My passion has grown into an addiction over the last few years. DFS has expanded upon my addiction and I will be here to help anyone with lineup advice. I am now writing and editing fantasy articles on a consistent basis too. To read more of my writing or just to debate the game, you can find me on Twitter @Chisportsnut25 or in the FLAFFL chat on the Fantasy Life App @Chiruxin


Anthony Reimer

Writer and Contributor - @mrmeseeks on the Fantasy Life App
How's it going fellow FLAFFLERS? My name is Anthony Reimer, some of you may know me as @mrmeseeks on the Fantasy Life App. I've been a Bears fan and a football fan for as long as I can remember. The anger, frustration, happiness and elation that this game evokes is amazing, and the reason I fell in love with it. I started playing fantasy football in 2006. Even though my first pick was Shaun Alexander, and I finished that season in last place, I was instantly hooked. Fantasy has helped football grow into a world wide juggernaut because it allows us to care about games that twenty years ago may have had little to no meaning. I've always been a passionate and avid writer, even when I had no medium on which to share it. I now have the opportunity to merge those two passions, and I'll do my best to not screw it up.


Derek McCreath

Hey everyone! My name is Derek McCreath. Oddly enough I wasn’t much of a football fan prior to starting playing fantasy back around 2010. Growing up in Canada, the CFL just never excited me Up until the last 2 years I was a relatively inexperienced with this whole Fantasy Football thing, only playing in one redraft home league. After a few years it converted to Dynasty, and that’s when I really got hooked, and I became active on twitter (@TheFFRx). Since then I have started focusing all my spare time on fantasy related things, playing in a wide variety of leagues with crazy fun rules and now here I am writing (sporadically) for FLAFFLhouse and I just can’t get enough!  


Jay DonDOn

Writer and Contributor - @1littleindian on the Fantasy Life App
Well in FLAFFL house I’m the resident Canadian so I apologize if I spell my favourite words in a different way. I’ve been playing Fantasy sports for 15 years, Football trumps all but the others are great to pass the offseason. When it comes to football I bleed Giants blue, also a Jay’s, Raptors and Leafs fanatic. I keep busy golfing when my nose isn’t in a computer screen looking at stats , checking scores or arguing why TY Hilton has top 5 potential. 

I’m glad to be joining the FLAFFL house, to bring you my insight into the happenings this Fantasy football Season, as well as to make these guys send that beautiful trophy north. 

If you ever have any questions or just want an opinion feel free to hit me up on the Fantasy Life APP or on twitter as I’m always happy with any sports related discussion.


JAcob Dreyer

Writer and Contributor - @jacob9er on the Fantasy Life App
Jacob Dreyer (DRY-er) has been playing fantasy football since 2000. Jacob has experienced the joy of victory with double-digit championships (including a title in his inaugural season) … and the agony of defeat with back-to-back runner-up finishes (2013 and 2014).

Jacob and Matthew Berry were nearly colleagues, as Jacob was a finalist for an internship with ESPN Statistics and Information (2010).

Jacob is a former Sports Information Director for South Dakota State University, where he provided coverage for current NFL player Zach Zenner (Detroit Lions) and former NBA player Nate Wolters (Milwaukee Bucks).

Jacob is very active on the Fantasy Life App and in FLAFFL (@jacob9er) and on social media: Twitter (@jacob9er), Facebook (Jacob Dreyer), LinkedIn (Jacob Dreyer). He also composed a series of successful sports articles on his personal blog ( ).