Buy Low, Sell High: Week 2 Fallout

Written by Ryan Trammell Writer and Contributor @RTrammellESPN and @tram on the Fantasy Life App

So far, so good. Week 1 went as planned for many of our fantasy studs, but that was not the case for Week 2. Players didn't just fall to Earth, they came crashing down in a fiery blaze. The injury bus also came barreling into many top players. I will tell you the guys I'm looking to try and grab before they blow up or the guys that have enjoyed too much early success.


Allen Robinson: Probably one of the biggest disappointments of the season so far. He was being talked about in many circles as one of the Top 5 WR's in the league but hasn't produced. He only has nine catches for 126 yards and no touchdowns. Those numbers have him just inside the Top 50 WR's. Better days are ahead for this fantasy stud. He currently leads the team in targets with 20 so he still has Bortles eye. He doesn't have the best match-up this week as Baltimore has allowed the 5th fewest points to WR's on the year but you always start your studs.

Todd Gurley: I stand corrected, Gurley's numbers are much worse than Robinsons so he could probably claim the title of biggest disappointment to date. He only has 98 yards on 36 rushes giving him an average of 2.7 yards per carry. Did I mention he doesn't have a touchdown all year? True, it's only been two games so I'm not panicking but someone in your league might. This will probably be as low as his value will be all year as he plays the 26th ranked defense against RB's in Tampa Bay this week.

Brandon Marshall: The potential knee injury will only help you. If he was healthy enough to come back in the game than he should be healthy enough to play this weekend. Kansas City is currently the 18th ranked defense against WR's. The Jets offense took a big step forward this past week against Buffalo and Marshall led the Jets WR's with nine targets. Eric Decker still has two touchdowns and Marshall has none but that will change.



Matt Ryan: He currently leads all fantasy QB's in scoring, that means he's outscored Cam Newton. It's Matt Ryan we are talking about; he only threw five more touchdowns than interceptions last year. He's had back to back 300 yard games this year against bad defenses. Mainly because Atlanta's defense is so bad he's had to throw the ball 73 times already to keep them in games. He draws New Orleans this week but after that he faces Carolina, Denver and Seattle.

Ryan Mathews: After a two touchdown performance, now is the time to sell. He only has 109 yards on 31 carries this year but he's played two very bad defenses which is not an encouraging sign. Darren Sproles out touched him on the ground last week receiving 12 carries to Mathews nine. He is the goaline back which is why he has three touchdowns so far but Sproles is the third down back and is eating into his touches.

DeAngelo Williams: He is currently the top scoring player in most formats. He still has one more week as the top dog in Pittsburgh but after that, Bell is back baby. Many people believe there will be some sort of timeshare after Williams has gone off for 237 rushing yards this year in just two weeks. Not a chance, Williams is good but Bell is better. Williams is also 33 years old and Bell is only 24. Bell is a true three-down back so this will be your last week to move Williams before he is relegated to handcuff status.

There it is folks, the second installment of Buy Low/Sell High. There are many more players that could be on both of these lists but these are the big ones that caught my eye. These are some big names so it will take some finesse but hopefully the owners are 0-2 and are getting desperate. As always, may your team outperform their projections.