Welcome to the Pawn Shop: Week 3 Waiver Gold

Written by Jay Dondon, Writer and Contributer, @1littleindian on the Fantasy Life App and @1littleindianjd on Twitter

Well, it seems we have a busy week in the pawn shop. The likes of Adrian Peterson, Jonathan Stewart and Danny Woodhead already confirmed to be missing time is one reason to visit the pawn shop.  Another reason to visit is clear based on the following question which is on the minds of many fantasy owners today: "Does Kamar Aiken still play for the Ravens?" Yes I know he was in uniform this weekend, but as we try and piece together our rosters like the world’s most complex puzzle with no edge pieces I hope to shine a guiding light to help you make every addition to your roster count. 

 This week we have decisions to make. Everyone's roster is different…don't press to make roster moves just because you lost.  You should believe in the team you drafted. We all wish we had an Almanac from the future like Biff Tanner in the classic sequel Back to the Future II, but we don't and we can't predict injures. We do have the ability to adjust however and we have to decide whether we make trades or we visit the pawnshop.

Yes, it's a second hand store or trash heap depending on your league but one man’s trash is another man’s treasure (sorry had to meet my dad joke quota). So let me show you some of my golden finds for the week in the pawn shop.

24K Gold

Quincy Enunwa

 Is it possible that Fitzwizard is working his magic again? And can he make 3 WRs relevant? While over the course of the season they will all have their weeks to shine it seems Fitz likes the connection he’s found with Quicny Enunwa. With a stat line of 7/54/1 in Week 1 and a stellar follow up appearance of 6/92 it’s not just the numbers. Watching on Sunday it was his Enunwa’s tools, his hands, routes and his effort, which truly impressed. Quincy Enunwa is 5.5% owned. Let’s work together to change that.

 Fozzy Whittaker

 Sadly, J Stew went down and while it doesn’t look long term there will be goal line work and it won’t all go to Cam. As he showed Sunday, he’s ready to go breaking off 16 rushes for 100 yards and another three receptions for 31 yards.  He can handle the work. Yes there was a fumble but that hasn’t been an issue over his time in the NFL. There is the concern of Cameron Artis-Payne also getting work but I think the first week J Stew is out Fozzy the Bear will get the work. Fozzy Whittaker is .8% and in my opinion should be your target in the Panthers backfield.

 Jamison Crowder

 While he wasn’t high on my list coming into this season he has 6 catches in each of the first 2 games which makes him a great addition in all PPR formats. While Washington’s offence hasn’t looked completely in sync, Crowder seems to be the third target and is continuing to get looks. This is a case of ride it until the wheels fall off and with his first two weeks this is an add to get in your line up and hope the hot streak pays off. Jameson Crowder is only 3.2% owned so he is there in most league formats

 18K Gold

Victor Cruz

 Yes, the first reaction when someone recommends Cruz is always “are you sure?” but it seems Eli hasn’t forgotten about his old friend. He followed up his 4/34/1 performance with a 4/91 effort in Week 2. If we learned anything from this Giants vs Saints letdown it was that if Cruz can stay healthy this year he should be able to produce weekly flex/WR3 upside.  Victor Cruz is 42.3% owned so get him now before he’s dancing all over you.

 Matt Asiata

Oh the pain! You could hear primal screams of rage across the fantasy world as AP went down and got the scenic tour through the new stadium as he went back to the locker room. Now that the dust has settled the question has to be asked: who is the one to add? For me, that points to Asiata. In 2014 with AP’s absence he put up 9 TDs and while I’m not expecting him to be the workhorse, I like his upside with the pass catching work that pairs with his ability to move on the ground. He can be a sneaky add this week. Asiata is .2% owned now and that’s surely going to skyrocket Wednesday morning.

Chris Thompson

While I’m a believer in Matt Jones, I’m also a realist. Those two things equal a roster spot for Chris Thompson. While he hasn’t had a break out game yet he will get the opportunities as the Washington Football Team will play from behind, forcing Thompson’s use to remain consistent. This isn’t a guy you will be starting in the near future but as injuries stack up and the bye week blues hit, he will be a nice stash for your roster. Thompson is just 13.5% owned grab him now before it’s too late.

There are still treasures out there waiting to shine through, such as which back is the right one to own in that Raider’s back field or is Andre Johnson really going to make a push to be relevant this year. I’ll be busy keeping track of the new things that come in to the Pawn Shop and what things may have value next week and until then I hope all your waiver adds turn to gold. If you ever have any last minute waiver questions you can always reach us in the FLAFFL house chat on the Fantasy Life APP where I’m @1littleindian or you can find me on twitter @1littleindianjd.