Week 1 Fantasy Football Trade Market Report

Written by David Olivarez, who goes by @tradefantasy on the Fantasy Life App and on Twitter, respectively

Week 1 is in the books and what a week it was! We’ve got injuries and time shares to discuss as well as players that were surprises in both good and bad ways! This week we’ll touch base on what to you do with these players now that we’ve had a chance to see them in action. I answer hundreds of trade questions each week via the Fantasy Life App (join public chat “The Trade Expert”) as well as my website www.tradefantasyfootball.com and a few names keep coming up. Lets take a look at some of the most popular names I’ve noticed repeating in my trade analysis of late…

Spencer Ware - Stock Up
Spencer Ware got the start in week 1 with Jamaal Charles still on the mend and did not disappoint! He rewarded his investors with a huge game and raised a lot of questions about what to do with him. Charles is an amazing talent and when healthy will be back but Ware is playing his way into a time share situation. I’d aim to move Ware right now coming off that huge game. Odds are good you have other backs that you can use and with each passing week we creep closer to Charles’ eventual return. I do think Ware will still have value when Charles comes back but it certainly won’t be the same value it is today. Sell now.

Dez Bryant - Stock Down (for the moment)
Man, what a stinker. Dez Bryant let down half the world in week 1 and has his owners running for the hills. When it comes to Bryant I must advise pumping the brakes a bit. His talent is immense and it was only one week, He will have better days. The Matchup is nice against Washington so if there ever was a prime time to bounce back this is it! We just need Dak to step up and throw past his check downs. You never want to sell low and moving Dez now is the definition of selling low. 

Todd Gurley & Adrian Peterson - Stock Down (but that doesn’t matter)
Stop it. Just Stop it. These guys are studs and will have better days very soon. DO NOT SELL!

Deangelo Williams - Stock Up
Dwill put up one heck of a performance on Monday night football pushing his stock through the roof. Too bad he’s only got 2 weeks left. You have two choices here - sell now (because his value goes down each week we get closer to LeVeon returning) or enjoy the run and stash him in hopes that LeVeon’s love for weed wins out and he fails another drug test. He just might… Where I own Williams i am selling, don’t sell low but if someone offered me a Larry Fitzgerald i’d probably take it where it makes sense.

Thats all for this week! Have a trade question of your own or a player we missed? Drop by Public Chat “The Trade Expert” on the Fantasy Life App and we’ll be happy to help!

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