Fool’s Gold: Welcome to the Pawn Shop

As I rush the stage like Kanye to say “Drafts are great but Waiver wires produced the greatest players of the season,” I want to draw your attention to the importance of the wire or, for this analogy, let’s call it the Pawn Shop, where you can even trade your Fool’s Gold in for an upgrade.

 All fantasy players should understand the importance of waiver wire position. Last year we saw DeAngelo Williams be a key add twice in the year; once in the draft and once following Le’Veon Bell’s injury. This is why I want to draw your attention to the importance of hanging on to your waiver priority.

Some players feel trading wins their league. While I agree with in the importance of trades, waiver wire additions CANNOT be overlooked. Remember injuries can happen throughout the year as well as depth chart changes. My point is, don’t spend your waiver position too quickly or blow your FAAB, as you never know what can happen during the NFL season.

Last year we saw an epidemic of RB injuries and the likes of Buck Allen, David Johnson and Tim Hightower came from the depths of the fantasy trash heap to fantasy relevance. We all know that fantasy football is fickle and anything is possible. So, as we go through the fantasy season, be attentive to waiver wire moves as there are several ways to use the top or higher position to your advantage. No matter what the move remember there are two pieces of the waiver puzzle: the player being dropped and the player being picked up. Even if it’s a move to pick up a kicker think the move through and don’t go dropping DeAngelo Williams to cover your kicker’s bye week.

The FLAFFL House chat on the Fantasy Life App is always open or you can drop a line to @1littleindianjd on Twitter. Just don’t be that guy or girl that saved your top waiver position for so many weeks only to go waste it on Orleans Darkwa after watching him have 1 big game (that’s right Sal – I’m talking to you). Those things can happen to all of us if we don’t reach out for advice. Here I’m going to take some of the pressure off the waiver decisions and give you the gold I found and the Fool’s Gold to avoid.

24K Gold

Isaiah Crowell

Yes, I’m going to keep talking about him until you listen. The Browns offence [Editor’s Note: Please ignore any and all Canadian spelling.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you but Jay works for donuts] didn’t look the greatest on Sunday but The Crow had 12 carries for 62 and 1 td plus 2 receptions for another 16 yards. Grab him now before it’s too late. You may even be able to sneak this one past without losing your claim priority. Right now you may not want to admit to any of your friends what you are doing when you go to make this claim. But he could be that weekly flex play who is a low end RB2.  If week 1 proved anything in the Browns backfield it was that Crowell will get attempts and by the looks of it he will have success with those attempts. Crowell is 67.5% owned. So if this Crow is hanging out on your leagues wire give him a home on your roster.

Will Fuller

Anyone who thought that Texans receivers were going to have trouble getting the ball should have noticed what happened on Sunday. Brock got off to a slow start but once he found his groove we saw what made Fuller so highly touted in the draft.  He has the ability to get open and will get a lot of looks as he cruises past defenders. While Sunday’s line of 5 receptions for 107 yards and a TD won’t necessarily be there every week he is worth the addition to cover bye weeks or on the chance his breakout continues. At 58% owned he’s not available everywhere but if he’s on the wire in your league make his next stop on your roster not someone else’s.

Eli Rogers

It seemed to be the never-ending debate.  Who was the #2 WR on the Steelers? Was it Wheaton or was it Coates? Well Uncle Sal, you may have been onto something when you mentioned him in the weeks leading up to the season. It appears the Big Ben likes what he’s found in the youngster who had 6 receptions for 59 yards and a TD with plenty of time left in the game. This is a nice connection for the Steelers to pair with AB84 and makes a potent offence that much tougher to stop. Rogers is only 12% owned so add him now, change your team name to ‘Mr. Rogers Neighbourhood’ and don’t look back.

18K Gold

Mohamed Sanu

Choo choo! All aboard the Sanu Train. In week 1, Sanu showed he can work in another system and do it well. He’s not the speedster that’s going to blow by people off the line but he is a guy that knows how to play across from star receivers. He hauled in 5 of his 8 (yes 8 ) targets.  A healthy number which helped him produce 80 yards and a TD. While the TDs could dry up anytime with Matty Ice throwing to him this Falcons team will have to throw a lot which is great news for Sanu’s fantasy outlook. My recommendation is add him now while you can because soon you will see him to turn into a weekly flex option, if not more. He is only 52% owned so get out there if you can and grab him.

Tevin Coleman

If he wasn’t drafted in your league stake you claim because you want this guy on your roster. Yes, the guy that lost his job wants his job back from the man that took it and if my eyes didn’t deceive me it appears that he’s going to get a shot to do it.  His 8 attempts for 22 yards wasn’t the impressive part that was expected coming into this season. It was the 5 receptions for 95 yards in the passing game which was facet of the backfield owned by Freeman. If this opportunity continues to be given to Coleman he can turn into a weekly must start. Coleman is just 51% owned so if he’s out there in your league he is a MUST add.

Cole Beasley

No need to keep refreshing, this is not a glitch or a mistake. Anyone who watched had to see the connection rate between Dak and Beasley. This is something that looks like it can maintain its consistency as Beasley seems to have a knack for finding the open spot on the field and Dak seems to have a knack for finding him as shown by his with his 8 receptions for 65 yards in week 1. If you are WR needy I believe Beasley to be an addition that can have a stable floor going forward. Beasley is less than 3% owned so he is on the waiver wire everywhere.

Those are a few of my favourite week 1 additions. When Wednesday hits don’t be the guy dropping John Brown because he didn’t have a good week 1.  Things like that show that depth of roster is so important, as anything can happen throughout the year. Over Reaction Monday can carry over to waiver wire Wednesday and you don’t want to be laughed at. These are the days where studs get dropped because their manager lost and duds get added because they had a higher point total than said stud.

Also don’t get sucked in by the talks of Beast mode wanting to return or Ray Rice getting another chance to play. Use your add wisely and take someone you can use in the coming weeks unless you are just looking to change the burners on your roster. These are the moves that can make a difference in a fantasy football season.

Until next time… may all of your adds turn to gold and may all your claims workout. If you have any waiver questions, stop by FLAFFL house chat and the Fantasy Life App where I’m @1littleindian or Tweet me @1littleindianjd.