2016 Pre-Season Fantasy Football Trades Market Report!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, it is finally time. The sun has risen above the horizon that is the summer and at long last football is shining its concussion filled glory upon us once more! The preseason is in well under way and has likely awakened even the lamest office fantasy football leagues (you all know the ones I’m talking about!). Draft season is in full swing and as we all know, the first thing you do after drafting a well-planned team is try like hell to trade it away, right? Just kidding. Unless you are in a dynasty, pre-season trading is a little crazy but nevertheless I find myself once again inundated with trade inquiries these past few weeks. I answer hundreds of trade questions each week via the Fantasy Life App (obviously you should join public chats “FLAFFL League” or “The Trade Expert”) as well as check out the website www.tradefantasyfootball.com and a few names keep coming up. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular names I’ve noticed repeating in my trade analysis of late.

Lamar Miller - Stock Up

Miller is a very intriguing piece at this stage in the year. Everyone is high on him and for good reason! Miller was pretty useful in his final year with Miami (872 rushing yards, 8 Touchdowns / 47 receptions, 397 rec. yards and 2 touchdowns in 2015) leading to high expectations in Houston this year.  With many backs sporting shiny new question marks (age, injury, undying love for marijuana, alleged abuse/blackmail cases etc…) Miller essentially is one of the most sought after backs in that upper “dealers choice” tier not named Todd Gurley. This places him squarely in the “its going to cost you” space when it comes to trade offers. If you drafted him, you had to do so in the first round which means he has a price tag somewhere in that “suspended Le’veon Bell/ do I trust David Johnson” range. This is darn near ransom territory in my book so unless you just blew the rest of your draft, you should be holding onto Lamar. Right now it would take a two for one deal involving a back north of Lesean McCoy / Mark Ingram and a receiver north of Randall Cobb to pry him away from me. Seem like I’m asking a lot? Good, that was the point!

* Disclaimer - I am not saying go out and offer such heavy packages for Miller but that is about what it’s going to take to get one of the top backs at this early juncture.

Speaking of Randall Cobb…

Randall Cobb - Stock Down (for the moment)

Cobb stunk it up as Aaron Rodgers’ WR1 last season, revealing to us just how important Jordy Nelson is to this offense. Cobb posted a dreadful 10.5 yards per reception in 2015 and a mere 52 yards per game average. I’m not expecting Cobb to return to 2014 form with Jordy drawing the attention again but it’s not out of the question. I’ve noticed Cobb being added as the “throw in” player more and more lately and frankly he’s not an awful piece to acquire! His name and situation make him still quite attractive to anyone who played fantasy football in 2014. Look, I’m not saying trade a Lamar Miller for Shady McCoy and Cobb unless you need it but offers like this are certainly in play. We all know Cobb carries significant upside in what should be one of the league’s most potent offenses with the return of some key players (Jordy returning from injury, Lacy returning from fat). If something like this comes down your trade pipeline give it a good look.

Marvin Jones - Stock Up

Another player getting tossed around as a throw in is the former Bengal, Marvin Jones. Not a sexy name but he is lighting it up in preseason action so far. Marvin showed some flash in Cincinnati and could prove to be the new WR1 in Detroit, if he hasn’t done that already! He’s generating a buzz but it’s not full blown hype just yet. This is a guy to request back in deals where you feel like you might be giving up a little too much value. Jones is an under the radar “meh” kind of name that could pay off big time for the price and I doubt too many opposing owners will throw up road blocks when asking for Jones in return on a deal. To clarify - he is not a player I’m running out and targeting but rather seeking as added value in return.

That’s all for this week! Have a trade question of your own or a player we missed? Drop by Public Chats “FLAFFL League” or “The Trade Expert” on the Fantasy Life App and we’ll be happy to help!

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