Welcome to the Pawn Shop: Week 14

Written by Jay Dondon. You can find him as @1littleindianjd on twitter or @1littleindian on the Fantasy Life App

Well, we made it. Well… most of us did. Of course, we’ve had some causalities, but that’s what happens in fantasy football. Sometimes the “best” team doesn’t make it in the playoffs, whether it’s unlucky schedules all year, bad luck in the injury department or everyone’s favourite the team that was all busts. Meh, it happens… now we move on. It is important to note that even if you are not in the championship side of the bracket, that you keep setting that line up and battling for the win, because let’s face it no one wants to be the sacko.

So, let’s see what gold is left on the shelves for week 14 and beyond, because we all want to finish on a high note, even if it is just for bragging rights.

Jacquizz Rodgers

With Rodgers back on the field, we saw that he will continue to see a steady workload. Add to that the fact Doug Martin came out after the game and said he got “bent back”, this could lead to an increase in Rodgers workload. We saw Rodgers abilities when Martin missed time earlier this year, so whether you are a Martin owner or need a stash for your run to the championship, Rodgers is a worthy addition. Rodgers is 25.6% owned and may make an impact on many championship rosters, with matchups against the Saints in this playoff run.

Mike Gillislee

Well, the King Vulture strikes again. It hurts to say that this change of pace back is to be trusted, but he is constantly involved in the red zone offence and with the Bills losing options from the pass game weekly, they will need to continue to lean on the ground game to get production from this offence. Gillislee is a viable flex option going forward and has shown a safe floor throughout the year even with McCoy in the lineup. Gillislee is 25.4% owned and can help an RB needy team that made it to the playoffs by the skin of their teeth.

Malcom Mitchell

Yes, I know I wrote about him last week, and that was prior to the Gronk to the IR news. He showed that even without a TD, he can be fantasy relevant. With Mr. Brady throwing the ball he’s a piece of that offence and they will continue to work in so he is primed and ready for yet another Patriots Super Bowl run. With 8 receptions for 80 yards it seems Brady likes his shiny new toy, and as the conversation of starters being rested starts gearing up he should continue to get playing time. Malcom Mitchell is only 19.9% owned and will continue to see increased work as the Pats look to spread Gronks targets around.

Justin Forsett

Yes, Justin freaking Forsett. He was picked up Monday by the Broncos as Kapri Bibbs is headed to the IR and Booker continues to struggle with his opportunity. Forsett steps into what could be a great opportunity. I look for Kubiak to lean on this veteran in the run game, while he isn’t starting for me this week I would look to stash him now and beat people to the wire in week 15. Justin Forsett is only 4.6% owned and giving the opportunity he may finds himself in, he should be rostered as a stash.

Breshad Perriman

With 3 TDs in the past 4 games, Perriman finds himself in the flex worthy conversation as the playoffs ramp up. While the target numbers are not impressive, Perriman has big play ability. We all know Flacco is known to struggle, but as everyone’s second favourite FLAFFLer (second to me of course) @sal33 says, “a quarterback can be terrible and his WR can still have a solid game”. Perriman is only 1.8% owned and could be a sneaky add to a WR needy team.

Robby Anderson

Really? Why did I choose him??!?!?! Well, with the Jets announcing the Bryce Petty will be the starter going forward, we saw in week 13 that his eyes were glued to the deep shots with Anderson. With the jets likely playing from behind in their remaining games, this connection is worthy of a flier if you are lucky enough to have a bye week 14. Anderson is worthy of a stash to see how it works out with Petty under center. Anderson is only 0.3% owned and can be claimed after waivers clear come Wednesday morning.

Well, hurry up and find the Gold that is still left, taking up shelf space in the Pawn Shop. This is the home stretch. The who to pick up, who to drop questions are more important than ever. So come on by the FLAFFL House chat on the Fantasy Life App and ask away. As always may your wavier adds turn to gold.