Welcome to the Pawn Shop: Week 16

Well we are here, championship week and as I said earlier in the season, every week there is always someone worthy of adding. Dependent of your team, even though you made it you are possibly still looking for someone to slot in to your flex slot or somewhere else to put you over the top for that championship.

While here it is folks take your time and tour the Pawn Shop as there seems to always be something laying around and remember if you have any questions we are always hanging around the FLAFFL House chat on the Fantasy Life App.

Justin Forsett
Well Sunday showed this is no longer Booker's show, and for those teams desperate for a starting RB he may still be waiting on the waiver wire just for you. He lead the backfield in touches and could be the veteran presence to help calm the nerves and keep the 2nd and 3rd to go yardage short which is exactly what Siemien can use. Look for Kubiak to lean on Forsett to get the ground game going in week 16.

Robby Anderson 
I know this is going on 3 weeks, but I swear no one is listening. At this point his lack of ownership is just disrespectful to my man Robby, and FLAFFL you have the power to change that. He continues to be a target monster on an offence that has to throw the ball to stay in games this is someone that has become trustworthy, and to a WR needy team he could be the most important piece of gold left in the pawn shop.

Darren McFadden 
Well Morris was a healthy scratch on Sunday and run DMC got his chance to out in work. As the cowboys are on the cusp of clinching a bye look for McFadden to see and uptick in his workload and could be a key pick up especially to those leagues that run through week 17. We saw last season that he still has what it takes to play at the NFL level and he should have a decent shot at work while he spells Zeke even if only for a series or two in week 16.

Tyler Lockett 
Yes he still plays, I know he hasn't shown up until week 15 but it seems he is showing now why we held him in such high regard coming into 2016 coming off his best game of the season in week 14 he didn't slow down. Wilson will continue to look for Lockett over the next two weeks as the Seahawks will be looking to get Lockett flying at full speed for the playoffs.

Well there are my favourite pieces still hanging around the Pawn Shop for week 16, and I'm sure there are plenty more hanging around you local shops. As always may all your waiver adds turn to gold.