Welcome to the Pawn Shop: Week 10

Written by Jay Dondon. You can find him as @1littleindianjd on twitter or @1littleindian on the Fantasy Life App

Well fancy seeing you here, back again to scour the shelves, and see if there is anything with your name on it. We all know there’s always something with our name on it in these dusty ol’ shops, just remember when checking out your local shops that the inventory will vary and if you find yourself stuck trying what to pick up stop by the FLAFFL house chat or find us on twitter and we will make sure you’re picking up the pieces to help you through the playoff stretch and just as importantly you’re trading in the right pieces.

So without further ado let’s get into the inventory for week 10…..I can’t believe I just wrote that, it seems like draft day was just last Sunday.

Kapri Bibbs
I know the sample size is small, but now is the time to get bibbs on your roster if you haven’t already. With CJ Anderson out for the year and Kubiak always wanting to use a 2 headed monster in the backfield. Bibbs showed on Sunday he is going to do the most with what ever opportunity that he is given. The 3 touches isn’t the exciting part it was the eye test that Bibbs has passed with flying colours, and the wonderful coach speak that came out earlier Monday that he has earned more opportunities.

Chris Ivory
I know the Jags offence has been brutal, but with The Tusk(Ivory) getting a nice work load (18 touches for 107 yards) there is a glimmer of hope. As the RB’s continue to fall to the IR, or just miss games with smaller injuries this is a position where we can all use extra depth. We saw that Ivory can perform when given the opportunity. Look for the Jags to build on this game from the offensive side as the Jags as a whole improved.

Marquis Lee
With Allen Hurns in concussion protocol, and the statement above with the improvement in the Jags offence, Hurns is a worthy add to teams in deeper leagues. Lee has been the model of consistency for the Jags with only 2 games with less than 4 catches this season. Look for Lee’s role to expand should hurns miss anytime with the concussion. Even if Hurns plays again this week with Lee’s consistency he is worthy of an addition.

Robert Kelley
Well I really hope this is another guy that I’m writing about week after week, get him on your roster while you can The other Gruden meaning the one that still coaches has come out saying he looks like the early down back, it seems that the fumblitus that has plagued jones over the course of his short career has opened the door for Kelley. Even is Kelley doesn’t take the full workload over this week he is going to be the back to own come playoff time, if not earlier.

Ronnie Hillman
Hillman isn’t just the name of the school the Cosby kids went to. Wait is that too old of a joke, I feel like Craig or Sal now. In all seriousness Hillman had equal touches to the other backs this week for the Vikings and he was actually productive with them. While I’m not sure the Vikings will know what to do with a productive RB as they haven’t seen one yet the season, look for Hillman to get more work in the coming weeks. With a few decent match ups coming over the next few weeks stash him now and watch him pay dividends later.

Taylor Gabriel
While this is more of a play now and less of a stash it seems the Falcons are going to find ways to get the ball into Gabriel’s hands. He is a fun player to watch with his speed and his ability to make players miss you can see why they’re trying to keep Gabriel involved. While he is an add for deeper leagues, we have seen the ability to pass against this Eagles defence I think that opens the field for a play or two which is all Gabriel needs to have a fantasy relevant day.

While this week I went with a variety of the inventory left in the Pawn Shop to show you we have that piece to suit every rosters needs. The injuries won’t stop rolling in, so we have to be prepared for anything that comes up. Remember who you drop is just as important as who to add, so stop by the FLAFFL house on all social media and we can help you out. As always may all you waiver adds turn to gold.