Week 11 Fantasy Football Trade Market Report

With the ESPN standard league trade deadline this Wednesday, this is the last and final trade report of the year. I am using this deadline because the Fantasy Life app and thus FLAFFL were born of the world wide leader - it only makes sense to use them as the standard when it comes to the trade deadline. All that said, we are going to do this one a bit differently. For the past few weeks I have been preaching the “sell your depth for firepower!” mantra and I hope you have listened. For those of you who did not heed my advice or were unsuccessful in working out a deal its not too late! We are going to go position by position looking at a few players who have favorable playoff schedules ahead. The info on a per player basis will be minimal in this article so if you’d like my specific feedback you can reach me on the Fantasy Life App during business hours @tradefantasy in Public chat “The Trade Expert” as well as on twitter @tradefantasy - without further ado lets dive into it for one last time in 2016!

Quarterbacks with favorable playoff schedules (weeks 14-16)

Cam Newton - SD@WSH ATL : a lot of people trying to move QB’s right now… solid target.
Jay Cutler - @DETGBWSH : only if the league is deeeeep and your desperate
Dak Prescott - @NYGTBDET : the Giants aren’t a great matchup but its not scary either
Sam Bradford - @JAXIND @GB : should be on the wire if your start goes down
Drew Brees - @TB@ARITB : Another solid target if you can come off an RB or WR for him.
Derek Carr - @KC@SDIND : Whoever owns him is unlikely to deal him at this point.
Phillip Rivers - @CAROAK@CLE : check the wire, this guy might have been dropped.
Jameis Winston - NO@DAL@NO : Saints twice in the playoffs?! Yes please!
Kirk Cousins - @PHI   CAR @CHI : Been hot lately but not seen as elite. Could be had at a reasonable price.

Running Backs with favorable playoff schedules

Jonathan Stewart - SD@WSHATL : This might be the best possible schedule of all RB’s
Lamar Miller - @INDJAXCIN : Nothing scary about these three and Miller is cheap right now
Todd Gurley - ATL@SEASF : Gurley is dirt cheap… if you have a fill in for week 15…
Mark Ingram / Tim Hightower - @TB@ARITB : titles will be decided by TB vs. NO x 2
Latavius Murray - @KC@SDIND : Indy and SD both bottom 10 vs the run.
Melvin Gordon - @CAROAK@CLE : Carolina is rough but you gotta love CLE in the title bout
Doug Martin - NO@DAL@NO : Have I mentioned how big the TB vs NO games will be?

Wide Receivers with favorable playoff schedules

Julio Jones - @LASF@CAR : C’mon you don’t care about the schedule with Julio!
Kelvin Benjamin - SD@WSHATL : Kelvin should be cheap, SD and ATl are bottom 13 vs. WR
Cameron Meredith - @DET GB WSH : he’s likely on the wire. GB & DET both bottom 12 vs WR
Kenny Britt - ATL@SEASF : hail mary in week 14 and 16? both ATL & SF are bottom 5 vs WR
Stephon Diggs - @JAXIND@GB : not great but not scary either. GB in week 16 is nice.
All Saints WRs - @TB@ARITB : you want in on the TB games. All saints WR’s are in play.
Amari Cooper / Michael Crabtree - @KC@SDIND : Indy is their “tough” matchup
Tyrell Williams - @CAROAK@CLE : all three opponents bottom 11 vs WR
Mike Evans - NO@DAL@NO : C’mon…

Tight Ends with favorable playoff schedules

Greg Olsen - SD@WSHATL : Back to Back lackluster games… buy low?
Zach Miller - @DETGBWSH : All 3 bottom 10 VS TE. Miller should be a target hog with Alshon out.
Tyler Eifert - @CLEPIT@HOU : CLE is the best matchup for TE, Pitt is in the bottom half of the league too.
Jason Witten - @NYGTBDET : NYG and DET are bottom 12 Vs TE and TB doesn’t scare anyone
C.J. Fiedorowicz - @INDJAXCIN : Hate typing this guys name. Ind & CIN bottom 4 VS TE
Travis Kelce - OAKTENDEN : DEN is rough but the other two are bottom 11 VS TE|
Kyle Rudolph - @JAXIND@GB : IND and GB bottom 6 VS. TE
Antonio Gates/ Hunter Henry - @CAROAK@CLE : 19 total TD’s given up to TE by these three opponents 

It has been a pleasure writing this article for you this season. I hope you have found it semi-useful from time to time! If your trade deadline isn’t this week, drop by Public Chat “The Trade Expert” on the Fantasy Life App and we’ll be happy to help! 

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