Week 10 Fantasy Football Trade Market Update

These are the weeks that count most. a misstep here could spell doom for your fantasy football season. This is the time where many will want to make deals but many too will retreat and hibernate while they await a playoff berth. Stay focused and continue to push for trades that can set your team up for fantasy football glory! 

I answer hundreds of trade questions each week via the Fantasy Life App (join public chat “The Trade Expert”) as well as my website www.tradefantasyfootball.com and a few names keep coming up. Lets take a look at some of the most popular names I’ve noticed repeating in my trade analysis this week…

Devontae Booker - Stock Down
He is technically a starting running back but Booker’s arrow is pointing straight down. This may be by no fault of his own but rather due to the lackluster play of the Denver offense as a whole. We are at a cross roads with Booker. The Broncos travel to New Orleans this Sunday to face off with the Saints who A) put up points at home and B) give up points no matter where they are playing. I am buying Booker in some leagues (low) and selling in some as well much of the value pitch hinges on this past game and this upcoming game. I am buyer in leagues where I have put myself in a tough spot at running back with guys like Christine Michael and I am selling in leagues where I could use a wide receiver. What YOU do with Booker largely depends your roster structure. Booker’s arrow is very much bobbling with everything currently riding on this upcoming game. for what its worth, there aside form Tennessee in week 14 there isn’t anything particularly intimidating on his upcoming schedule.

Mike Evans - Stock Up
NFL best 102 targets and the Bucs have already seen their bye week! I always say trade depth for firepower around this time of year and Mike Evans certainly fits the bill. He will cost your a very pretty penny at this juncture but with New Orleans on the schedule in week 14 and 16 (aka the playoffs) the price you pay could be well worth it. You will have to pay up handsomely to not be laughed off the table and its going to take a high wr2/ low wr1 plus a high rb 2/low rb1 to get the deal done. Make sure you have the right pieces in place and check your bye week discrepancies prior to submitting an offer but be sure to at least take a swing and make an offer in leagues where you can afford to do so. Mark my words, assuming health Mike Evans is going to win people championships this season.

Martellus Bennett - Stock Down
Yeah he’s been pretty non-existent lately but this is a great time to buy Bennett low. He’s the only legit tight end “handcuff” in the NFL and would be instantly top 5 if anything happened to Gronk. This is a recommended buy only due to his unreal upside of anything happens to Gronk and the fact that his price is low. If your current TE1 is lackluster (most of them are) see if you can get Bennett for something cheap but useful during these last few bye weeks. It wouldn’t be out the question to sell someone like Duke Johnson or CJ Prosise to an owner who is RB needy in week 10. Matchups don't matter with the Pats, if Gronk goes down Bennett is top 5 every week.

Thats all for this week! Have a trade question of your own or a player we missed? Drop by Public Chat “The Trade Expert” on the Fantasy Life App and we’ll be happy to help! 

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