Week 8 Fantasy Football Trade Market Update

Trading is without a doubt my favorite part of Fantasy Football. In my mind, brokering a great trade might be more fun than playing the game itself. I absolutely love this aspect of the game and over the years I’ve grown quite good at it. How good you ask? Let me serve up a few of my favorites so far this year. Two weeks ago I sold the “returning” Arian Foster and Steve Smith Sr. for Cam Newton. Steve Smith Sr. has yet to play a snap since then and Arian Foster is now retired.

Three weeks ago I managed to trade Will Fuller (fresh off his two touchdown game) straight up for Brandin Cooks. So far so good on that deal! Lastly I managed to trade Eddie Lacy straight up for Rob Gronkowski on October 8th. Eddie Lacy is now on IR and likely done for the season While Gronk is Gronk. This may be a little bit of bragging but I am damn proud of those moves I‘ve made! Two things all of these deals have in common: they all were great for me and they all involved assisting the other owner with his team needs. Thats the key to it all… If you want to get a deal done you must cater to their needs while serving your own. I love getting the questions like “I own ____ what can I get for him?” or “here’s my whole roster, who should I target and what should I give up?” - easy, find someone who needs what you have and see if they can provide a gain for your team. Its simple supply and demand. No demand, no deal!

I answer hundreds of trade questions each week via the Fantasy Life App (join public chat “The Trade Expert”) as well as my websitewww.tradefantasyfootball.com and a few names keep coming up. Lets take a look at some of the most popular names I’ve noticed repeating in my trade analysis this week…

James White - Stock Flat
There are two schools of thought here. 1 - Dion Lewis is coming back, sell now! 2. Dion Lewis isn’t back yet officially so keep on rocking with White! If Jamaal Charles has taught us anything its that we should never assume anything when it comes to return from injury. I am buying James White in all leagues right now (where the price is right) but I am also buying Dion Lewis or adding him where I can. Bottom line is you want the Pats passing down back. If I had to pick one I say take the guy who is healthy and playing well. James White is a buy for me and sell for many more, take advantage!

Allen Robinson - Stock in free fall
ARob let down the entire world last Sunday. He had an amazing match up at home and absolutely laid an egg. It is officially fire sale time, I cannot advise waiting to see what he does tomorrow night against Tennessee. If you have a buyer you need to explore that option fully. That said, there is a limit. Arob’s upside outweighs much of what you’ll see being offered right now so while I hate to say it, you might be stuck with him. If you do get stuck with him at the first sign of life you should sell. As I mentioned last week, the Jags playoff schedule is pretty rough.

Jordy Nelson - Stock Down
Jordy Nelson was another huge letdown last week. Ty Montgomery and Davonte Adams garnered so much attention it made me sick. It was nice to see Rodgers show signs of life and I think that translates into better days for Jordy. He has sort of been the Demaryius Thomas of the north - underwhelming yardage, should score, always a threat to go off. I would buy on Jordy if you have a panicked owner after two scoreless weeks. In the same breath, I would advise flipping him for something big after he goes off against Atlanta and Indy the next two weeks. Playoff schedule is pretty rough.

Theo Riddick - Stock Rising
Throwing Riddick in here this week because his name has been thrown around a little bit and he practiced today. We may be far enough removed that people forget how useful he can be especially in a PPR. If your working on a deal and see the other guy has Riddick, maybe get him thrown in if you its not to expensive.

Thats all for this week! Have a trade question of your own or a player we missed? Drop by Public Chat “The Trade Expert” on the Fantasy Life App and we’ll be happy to help!

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