Brandon's Week 13 Musts & Busts

You know the fantasy football season can be a real drag, especially when you get to the playoffs. For most leagues this is the do or die week, you are either fighting for a playoff spot, own one, or fighting to keep one. You could be like me and rely on 3 other teams to lose and you to pull out the win for a playoff birth, but lets face it, no one is as unlucky as I am. This week we will be going all out here, going to go with these picks as the Musts & Busts that you can "Trusts" - Sal Leto

Colin Kaepernick @ Chicago Bears - Must
Eli Manning @ Pittsburgh Steelers - Must
Matthew Stafford @ New Orleans Saints - Must
Ben Roethlisberger vs. New York Giants - Bust
Tyrod Taylor @ Oakland Raiders - Bust
Ryan Tannehill @ Baltimore Ravens - Bust

Key Must: Colin Kaepernick
As much as I dislike the guy, you can't deny that he has pushed himself back into fantasy relevance these past 4 games. During this time he was 4 yards away from having two 300 yard games. Along with his threat in the running game this week of a down and out Bears team gives warrant to start in a week where you need a spark in the lineup especially if you are sporting a bust at the QB position.

Key Bust: Big Ben
The Giants have only allowed 3 passing touchdowns from Quarterbacks the last 4 games. Big Ben may be coming off a 3 td game against the Colts but, against the Giants at home the Steelers will have to play a gritty game against this secondary and that includes a lot of run game.

Running Backs
Lamar Miller @ Green Bay Packers - Must
Latavius Murray vs. Buffalo Bills - Must
Frank Gore vs. New York Jets - Must
Devonta Freeman vs. Kansas City - Bust
Jay Ajayi @ Baltimore Ravens - Bust
Jonathan Stewart @ Seattle Seahawks - Bust

Key Must: Frank Gore
The fountain of youth himself as carried himself as a nice consistent piece in the running back slot if you were lucky enough to grab him. Consistency is important when fighting for playoffs and you always start your studs. Hes no David Johnson but he will give you great production even against a tough Jets front 7 that has been very generous lately giving nearly 100 yards to rbs the last 3 weeks.

Key Bust: Devonta Freeman
Tevin Coleman is back and took 8 carries from Freeman already. I only see more carries going away from Freeman and against a tough Chiefs Defense it's going to be difficult to run on them, Only giving up 3 rushing touchdowns to the position all year long.

Wide Receivers
Saint's WR's vs. Detroit Lions - Must
Tyreek Hill @ Atlanta Falcons - Must
Quincy Enunwa vs. Indianapolis Colts - Must
Kelvin Benjamin @ Seattle Seahawks - Bust
Jarvis Landry @ Baltimore Ravens - Bust
Jamison Crowder @ Arizona Cardinals - Bust

Key Must: Tyreek Hill
Burner.... is the word that comes to mind when talking about this guy. Coming off his biggest game of the season that included a return touchdown against the Denver Broncos, I love the usage this guy gets in the offense. Alex Smith is actually trusting his arm this year and Hill is a big part of it. Atlanta's Veteran Corner Trufant is out for the season and Tyreek is in for another big game!

Key Bust: Jamison Crowder
Fantasy Football is a fickle bitch. I've been playing fantasy football long enough to know heart break a player that has been racking up points on your bench for weeks can burn you as soon as you put him in your lineup. Fully prepared to eat crow on this, but a big part of Crowder's game is the deep ball and with Tyrann Matheiu back, the secondary for the Cardinals is in full flight.

Tight Ends
Vance McDonald @ Chicago Bears - Must
Zach Ertz @ Cincinnati Bengals - Must
C.J. Fiedorowicz @ Green Bay Packers - Must
Martellus Bennett vs. Los Angeles Rams - Bust
Cameron Brate @ San Diego Chargers - Bust
Greg Olsen @ Seattle Seahawks - Bust

Key Must: Vance McDonald
Chicago Bears are 11th on the season against Tight Ends, except the past two 3 weeks they have allowed a touchdown to the position in each game. McDonald the past 4 weeks has enjoyed a nice 10.75 pts per game in 0.5 ppr scoring including 2 touchdowns. I like this as a streaming matchup for Gronk owners.

Key Bust: Greg Olsen
I do know the old saying of start your studs around playoff time. Olsen has been able to at least 5 points the past 4 weeks and always has touchdown upside, which may be good enough with the touchdown upside but if you are fighting for a playoff spot it may be time to be the contrarian and switch things up. Do as you please but I'm not seeing it with this Seattle defense plus the "12th Man"