Brandon's Week 5 Musts & Busts

Written by Brandon DePouw, @bdepouw09 on Twitter and @bdepoo on the Fantasy Life App

Alright I will admit the Matt Ryan bust call was the most epic fail of my young career, I will never live it down. Look at it this way, Matt Ryan had the game of his career and I gave the worst advice of mine, so I guess we are forever intertwined. Let's see what we can stir up this week in Week 5 of the fantasy football season!

Eli Manning @ Green Bay Packers - Must
Carson Wentz @ Detroit Lions - Must
Sam Bradford vs. Houston Texans - Must
Matthew Stafford vs. Philadelphia Eagles - Bust
Tyrod Taylor @ Los Angeles Rams - Bust
Dak Prescott vs. Cincinnati Bengals - Bust

Key Must: Sam Bradford
If you are looking a nice bye week fill in, Bradford is your man. Houston has been 2nd best against the pass but with JJ Watt out of the picture Bradford will be able to sit easier in the pocket and produce solid numbers as he has done since taking over at the helm. Averaging just under 15 fantasy points a week, Sam has the potential to put up solid numbers.

Key Bust: Matthew Stafford

This should be an easy "Bust" to spot. Eric Ebron officially out and Marvin Jones not at 100%, Stafford will have his hands full with the Philly Defense who held Big Ben to 7 points and has not allowed a passing touchdown yet this season. Lions offense is shaky, and I'm questioning if this is the week for it to get better. Temper your expectations here.

Running Backs: 
Todd Gurley vs. Buffalo Bills - Must
J. Hill & G. Bernard (PPR) @ Dallas Cowboys - Must
Deandre Washington vs. San Diego Chargers - Must
Lamar Miller @ Minnesota Vikings - Bust
Matt Jones @ Baltimore Ravens - Bust
Frank Gore vs. Chicago Bears - Bust

Key Must: Todd Gurley
Every game this year when the Bills faced a running back that was highly involved there was success. Gurley has majorly under performed this year but against the Bills he will be putting up huge numbers. When a running back was given the ball 20 or more times the Bills have allowed 265 rushing yards and 5 touchdowns. The Rams are getting the ball to their star back 20 or more times and his involvement in the offense is imperative to this match-up.   

Key Bust: Frank Gore
Gores production has been important for the Colts this early and I believe he will continue to. When Hoyer is taking the snaps for the Bears it has made the opposing teams move through the air. The Bears have allowed strong numbers to running backs, but with the weak Colts defense, I feel a high scoring game is going to be keeping this game off the ground. 

Wide Receivers:
Deandre Hopkins @ Minnesota Vikings - Must
Cole Beasley vs. Cincinnati  Bengals - Must
Mike Evans @ Carolina Panthers - Must
Terrelle Pryor vs. New England Patriots - Bust
Amari Cooper vs. San Diego Chargers - Bust
T.Y. Hilton vs. Chicago Bears - Bust

Key Must: Deandre Hopkins
I never thought the word Bold and the name Hopkins would be in the same sentence, but here I am. Deandre Hopkins has massively disappointed fantasy owners who had taken him as their first pick, myself included. Luckily the Texans need him in this tilt against a strong Vikings defense. The Vikings have shut down and emotional player like Odell Beckham Jr. but have not faced a physical specimen like Hopkins. Call it a gut feel or call it bold, but Hopkins will bounce back this week.

Key Bust: Amari Cooper
Amari is currently the most targeted wide receiver in Oakland with 41 and Crabtree only trailing by 3. Crabtree is increasing his status as the wide receiver to own especially in the redzone. The completion percentage of 51.22 % is also a reason i'm steering clear of Amari this week as well. A lot more to prove before my trust comes around on the young Alabama stud.

Tight Ends:
Cameron Brate @ Carolina Panthers - Must
Zach Miller @ Indianapolis Colts - Must
Hunter Henry @ Oakland Raiders - Must
Delanie Walker @ Miami Dolphins - Bust
Dennis Pitta vs. Washington Redskins - Bust
Jacob Tamme @ Denver Broncos - Bust

Key Must: Zach Miller
Zach Miller must have stolen something from Jay Cutler because they didn't hook up well. Since Hoyer has been in charge Miller has received 11 catches for 109 yards and 3 touchdowns. The Colts have held some mediocre & young tight ends to lack luster fantasy days, but Eric Ebron was able to coral 46 yards and a touchdown in week one. So that tells me when there's a strong tight end in the offense then they thrive. 

Key Bust: Delanie Walker
Walker hasn't been right all season and the Titans are most certainly not interested in throwing the ball, well to anyone not named Demarco Murray. Still only 2 weeks off of an injury, my trust in Walker and the Tennessee game plan to even utilize him in the redzone is in question.