1littleindianjd's Start Sit

Well here we are. Week 4 is upon us and as the bye weeks start, the start and sit questions become a little more intriguing. Every week we are stuck trying to make these decisions, which difficulties can be compared to trying to pick that perfect gift out for your spouse. “Doesn’t she have something that looks exactly like that” can be equated to picking which receiver you should put in or which RB you want to throw in RB2. 

No one said fantasy football was going to be easy, it takes preparation like buying Christmas presents in October (Just a friendly reminder). Of course when you’re running around Christmas Eve entering the mall will feel like entering the burning gates of hell. That’s where I come in to help you prepare, as making these decisions on Friday or Saturday are much better than Sunday @ 12:59.  So take a read and as always drop by the FLAFFL house chat, or on twitter and we will help you out.

So let’s get this going


“Put me in Coach”

Blake Bortles

It's "London calling to faraway towns", yes I'm saying start a qb from the travelling circus that is the NFL in England. The Jags offence can and will have a field day, look for Bortles to put the interceptions in his rear-view mirror as the colts have only recorded 1 interception all year. Add to that the fact that this isn't his first trip with the circus, as we learned last year he and this offence can travel so with that Bortles is a must start.

“Riding the Pine”

Kirk Cousins

Yes I know they are playing the Browns, but the browns defence have 4 interceptions over the first 3 games, so while Cousins is coming off his first interception free game that streak ends at 1. I also think we are in for a high dose of Matt Jones, which doesn’t help Cousins fantasy value. So while on the surface the matchup looks appetizing, this week I’m keeping Kirk on the pine. I'll be going to the wire for better options like Hoyer or Bradford that may be out there.

Running back

“Put me in Coach”

Charles Sims

Hear me out. I understand he's matched up against that vicious Broncos defence, but until Martin is back Sims is getting a full workload. As he showed last week he is a dual threat back who has the ability to keep the defence off balance, Couple that with the 82 average yards per game and 4.7 ypc that the Broncos defence has allowed up to this point. Week 3 he gave us a fantasy a top 11 RB performance, this is the case of smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em, and if you have Sims get him in your line up.

“Riding the Pine”

Theo Riddick

In Week 3 Theo Riddick showed us he’s not the rushing back we want from a weekly play, while his 7 receptions made it a somewhat viable fantasy week his 10 rushes for 9 yards have started opening the door for Dwayne Washington to eat into his workload. I expect a bigger week out Washington then I do out of Riddick, as it sounds like Riddick’s losing some early down work as well as the redzone. This is a backfield I’m not touching until I see how this week plays out.

Wide receiver 

“Put me in Coach”

Michael Crabtree

This is one of the situations, where having Crabs is acceptable. Crabtree has looked far from “mediocre” this season and with this matchup he needs to be in your line up. While the Ravens defence may have decent numbers so far this season they haven't been matched up an offence like this yet. The other side to this is that Crabtree has been a redzone magnet in this offence. Coming off his best performance of the season look for his connection rate with Carr to continue this week.

“Riding the Pine”

Golden Tate

Yes another Detroit Lion, I know the coach came out and said his usage will increase but it’s a coach and I’ll believe when I see it. To this point Tate has shown me nothing with his performance that urges me to get him in my lineup. With no totals over 41 yards this year and the same amount of NFL touchdowns as myself this season, you have better options on your roster don’t get fooled by where you drafted him. Until he shows he will have a steady involvement in that offence he can rest his legs on the bench.

Tight End

“Put me in Coach”

Hunter Henry

Yes I’m on bored the hype train, oh wait no hype train just me, I know last week he was TE15, he had that fumble at the end of the game which hurt his fantasy day. The things that went unnoticed is that he managed to pull in 5 of his 5 targets, and was second on the team with a 14.4 yard average reception. We know from the past seasons Rivers loves the tight end, and maybe even more than Sal. With another week of work with the offence, I look for a big week against the Saints for Hunter.

“Riding the Pine”

Dennis Pitta

It’s not Pitta himself that causes him to get splinters from the bench, it’s the one and only Joe Flacco and the Raiders big money defence that has to show up sometime. Week 4 may be that week, as Pitta is known to be the security blanket for his QB he will draw the tougher coverage. It’s likely that you scooped him off the wire after a big week 2 so you likely have better options to roll out and if not I’d rather risk a streamer than rolling out Pitta this week.

That’s it for my favourite Week 4 Start/Sit, good luck this week and as always remember to stop by the chat so we can help you out with your last minute lineup questions.