The hosts of the FLAFFL House Podcast are....

Kevin Cutillo

@WallyCentral on Twitter and @wallycenral on the Fantasy Life App

I currently live in Rhode Island but am a true Masshole at heart.  I've been known to be called a Patriots homer from time to time and am currently a season ticket holder but I just love the game of football.  I've watched Arena League, Canadian Football and yes, I even watched the ill-advised UFL and even worse XFL (Tommy Maddox was my boy).    

I've been playing fantasy sports for 15 years and have won more than I've lost.  I definitely prefer to play in PPR formats with 12 or more teams but have been in all kinds of leagues from 10 team standards to the insane 480 team Super Flex TE premium Scott Fish Bowl.  I always encourage people to get into more leagues and try some different variations whenever possible.  

I'm always available to chat about fantasy football or answer any questions.  You can hit me up on Twitter by following @wallycentral or on the Fantasy Life App under the same handle.  Or you can email me at if you have questions or just want to talk fantasy.


Steven Marcuz

@SidSkeat on Twitter and @sidskeat on the Fantasy Life App

Born in a small town, I was forced from a very early age to find things to occupy my time. Very early on I realized that thing was sports and being a kid who was addicted to reading statistics, I found fantasy football and was instantly hooked. What started as a game for me has grown into an addiction, and has helped me form many different relationships with many different types of people.

I love fantasy sports, but what I love about the game is the conversations that go on between people that play the same game that brings me so much joy and heartache. I'm a huge Denver Broncos, San Francisco Giants, and Minnesota Timberwolves fan (don't ask) so I've lived through some good times and bad. Follow me on Twitter @SidSkeat or on the Fantasy Life App @sidskeat! I'm always around to dish out championship winning advice, pictures of my trophy are platered all over this place!



Sal Leto

@LetoSal on Twitter and @sal33 on the Fantasy Life App

Proud father of three. Born and raised New Yorker. Started playing Fantasy Football in 1992 in the back pages of the NY Daily News. Played my first real league, SJFFL, in 1994 and won my first championship in 1998. Co Founder and Co Host of the FLAFFL House podcast. Contributing writer for "I'm usually chasing my kids around the country but I always have time to talk Fantasy Football


Ryan Trammell

@RTrammellESPN and @tram on the Fantasy Life App

As far back as I can remember I've always loved sports. The atmosphere, the comradery, everyone working as a team towards a common goal; to win! As a kid I played baseball in the summers and a little soccer but my favorite sport of all like many Americans is football. When I wasn't playing sports I was watching sports. Again, nothing could compare to football. My earliest memories are singing the Super Bowl shuffle and a few years after that watching one of the greatest of all-time, Barry Sanders straight up embarrass defenses. That's what I wanted to do, be a running back like Barry Sanders. I wasn't allowed to play organized football until high school because my father was afraid of the toll it would take on my body being a smaller guy. As a freshman I was the second string tailback and even got to start a game.


Sophomore year is when I started hanging out with the crowd that didn't care for sports and that's where my football career ended. I still watched all the games and would still track stats of my favorite players like Sanders, Rice and Emmitt Smith. I ended up joining the military out of high school and was stationed out of the country so I only saw half of John Grudens Super Bowl win over his former team. Somewhere around the 2005 season is when I was made aware of fantasy football. I didn't play it that year but was very interested. I ended up playing the next season and was immediately hooked!

I commished my own league in 2007 as well as playing in the league with other buddies and played in a public league. Three leagues was a little much for my second year but I made the playoffs in two of them. In 10 years of fantasy football I've only missed the playoffs three times and have brought home 2 championships. Most notably I recently lost the championship to "Chops" himself (sidskeat) in the inaugural season of FLAFFL. I'm looking forward to the upcoming year and can't wait to bring home another Championship!


Brandon Depouw

@bdepouw09 on Twitter and @bdepoo on the Fantasy Life App

Born in raised in the Heart of the U.S.A. (Buckeye Country). Been a Green Bay Packers homer since the day I was born, thanks to my late Grandfather who was born and raised in Wisconsin. 24 years of age and have been in love with football and baseball since I could walk. Been playing fantasy football since 2011, would have started earlier if my step-father didn’t believe it would cause a virus. 3 time fantasy football champion and 2 time fantasy baseball champion.

Brandon DePouw  

Fantasy sports have been a passion of mine ever since I could get my hands on it. I consider myself to be a very open minded person and strive to get along with everyone I meet. Very much enjoy a good conversation or debate about players and other aspects of fantasy sports. Aspiring writer and will appreciate any feedback and support from this point forward. Hope you all enjoy my work and feel free to converse with me on Twitter: @bdepouw09 or on the Fantasy Life App: @bdepoo.