Packers Pre-Draft Team Needs Analysis

As we all know the Green Bay Packers make a lot of moves in the off season......*sighs*... okay that's a lie. The Pack have plenty a lot of work to do and they will be doing it like they typically do every single year, the draft. Although I believe the signing of Martellus Bennett added another element to the offense, there still is a major question mark, the running back position. Ty Montgomery is making a full position transition from WR to RB, but we know he is undersized compared to a prototypical running back. Pairing him with Christine Michael may be okay for the time being but this is a position I as a fan would feel more comfortable about if they address it. 

Letting Eddie Lacy walk was a shame but to me almost guarantees they will be targeting one of the many talented running backs in this rookie class. My fellow Cheeseheads understand we have this need, but ultimately know that Ted Thompson will do the most Ted thing, and just draft a Defensive Tackle in the first round, which is frustrating. 

So here are my Top 3 Rookies that I would love to see the Pack take in the first round from a fantasy impact perspective.

Team Needs: Running Back, Corner Back, Defensive Line, Linebacker

FYI For Fantasy Purposes - They are all running backs..... so...

1. Running Back - Dalvin Cook - Florida State
2016 - 1765 Rushing Yds, 19 TDs, 488 Receiving Yds, 1 TD

One thing that I've been debating this off season is how important is the Rookie Combine as far as evaluating players. It shows the physical abilities and overall athleticism of the player but that is just one day. Watching game film gives you more opportunity to see with you own eyes what they do in game. Understanding that these players are at the combine for a reason but it's up to you to bring comparisons from the college film and how they would fair in the NFL. Personally, I would love to have a talent like Cook in the Green Bay backfield, he can run inside and outside of the tackles, gives Rodgers yet another viable weapon in the passing game (like he doesn't have enough already), and is just a smart football player. One thing that does concern me is the injury history dating back to High School, but one thing last year without Lacy has shown me is, Aaron Rodgers doesn't rely on the running game. So with durability potentially not being as much of an issue based on the amount of carries he would get, Dalvin Cook would be a dream fit for me as a Packers Fan.

2. Running Back - Christian McCaffrey - Stanford
2016 - 1603 Rushing Yds, 13 TDs, 310 Receiving Yds, 3 TD

Boy if only this kid wasn't flying up draft boards, I would move up to get this kid in a heart beat. The key with this pick for the Packers is the direction I'm thinking the offense should and will go. As I stated before Aaron Rodgers doesn't need a running game to make throws. Christian McCaffrey would be a homerun pick for this offense and from a fantasy stand point I would be foaming at the mouth here. He wouldn't need to be any other type of running back than what the Pack would need, a Danny Woodhead type scat back who is elite at making people miss.

3. Running Back - Samaje Perine - Oklahoma
2016 - 1060 Rushing Yds, 12 TD, 106 Receiving Yds,, 1 TD

Now I'm going to be honest, Joe Mixon would be my pick here if the Pack hadn't already pretty much ruled him off their draft board, but if Green Bay were to go back to a running back to balance the backfield with Ty Montgomery being the receiving element, Perine would be my first choice. His down hill running style would be great in short yardage situations with Aaron Ripkowski leading the way, if he can develop as a pass catcher and patient runner then Perine would be a solid 2nd to 3rd round pick.

Overall, if the Packers choose to address the secondary in the first round and search for a gem running back in the second or third round then I would be fine with that. 

Honorable Mentions - Kareem Hunt & Jeremy McNichols

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