DraftKings Outlook Week 4 with Cheezi

Written by Matt Perdichizzi, goes by @cheezi on the Fantasy Life App

Well it looks the the whole Alex Smith-Chris Conley tournament play didn't win anyone any money. Maybe next week. Although I did mention those guys who scored just about what they were projected, I did get some calls right. Aaron Rodgers-Good, Charles Sims-Good, Jamison Crowder-Good, Allen Robinson-Good. On the other hand, Cameron Artis-Payne-Very Bad, The Road Dogg Jesse James-Very Bad, My Chiefs Stack-Very Bad. That being said, I urge to continue reading my slightly above average Draftkings outlook for Week 4.

Here's some guys I like this week...


  1. Joe Flacco ($5,900 vs OAK)- So last week, I thought Marcus Mariota would be a nice play versus a bad Raiders defense. He didn't have a terrible game, but didn't bring in nearly the amount of points I was expecting. That being said, Mariota had just 214 yards through the air, and the Oakland Raiders still have the most passing yards allowed in the NFL. Joe Flacco isn't afraid to throw the ball very far. He's got Mike Wallace, Old Man Steve Smith Sr, Dennis actually healthy Pitta, and some other nice weapons. A naked Joe Flacco tournament sounds like a good idea to me, and with that price tag as the 16th highest priced QB he's a viable cash game option. 
  2. Blake Bortles ($6,400 vs IND)- I feel like every week I said every Colts game will be a shootout. Whatever... This game will be a shootout (50 point over/under) Vontae Davis might be healthy. Whatever. Bortles has great weapons besides Allen Robinson in Allen Hurns (breakout game), Marquise Lee, and Julius Thomas. The Colts are averaging giving up 300+ yards per game and their defense has just 4 sacks and one interception. Bortles may throw a pick here, but 350 yards seems likely. 
  3. Cam Newton ($7,800 @ ATL)- Last week the Minnesota Vikings violated the MVP. It is not possible for the Atlanta Falcons to bottle up Cam the way the Vikings did. Coming off of a bad week, people will not be all over him (I hope). He's the highest priced quarterbacks so it may be hard to fit him in cash lineups, but I think he has a nice bounce back game. Also side note that makes me want to use him more this week...https://mobile.twitter.com/NFL/status/780149594109845504?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

Running Backs

  1. CJ Anderson ($6,500 @ TB)- Well, Todd Gurley was able to show up in Tampa Bay. Now we got someone on a good team getting a full workload in a favorable game script. Now time for some hard hitting stats: 15 touches in each game this year. At least 4 targets in each game. The Buccaneers are just middle of the pack in run defense so going against another good RB, I'm locking CJA into my cash games. 
  2. Ezekiel Elliott ($6,900 @ SF)- Not one, not two, but THREE! THREE VULTURES! Alfred Morris, Lance Dunbar, and Dak Prescott. Argh. It's not all bad. Here's Ezekiel Elliott's touches by week: 21, 23, 32. Wow. This should be another game that the Cowboys POUND the ball heading to California to play the yucky 49ers teams. I would be shocked if Elliott doesn't get 20+ touches making him another cash game staple. If you want to pay up at running back (which I like this week) Anderson and Elliott is a nice combo. 
  3. LeVeon Bell ($7,500 vs KC)- JUICE! THE JUICE IS BACK! The best fantasy running back is back. The Steelers are angry after getting boopity bopped by the undefeated Wentzylvania Eagles so what will they do, FEED JUICE! People may shy away and want to see what his workload is like before throwing him in lineups. In tournaments I will certainly have exposure to him. The Chiefs defense looked great versus Ryan Fitzpatrick, but well that's Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Holy Trinity is back on the field and I can see an old fashioned beat down by the Steelers. 

Wide Receivers 

  1. Allen Hurns ($4,800 vs IND)- The reason why I would advise grabbing high end RBs this week is because guys like Allen Hurns are $4,800 versus the Indianapolis Colts. With 4 catches in each game, he has a floor which is good, and the fact that he is yet to score a touchdown this season after having 10 last year makes me think this is the game he gets at least one. Especially with Vontae Davis doing battle with Allen Robinson. In Allen Hurns two games last year versus the Colts he had 19 targets, 14 catches, 221 yards and 2 scores. Sign me up for that average. 
  2. Sterling Shepard ($5,800 @ MIN)- HOT TAKE ALERT Sterling Shepard scores 15 more Draftkings points than Odell Beckham Jr. Monday night in Minneapolis. The Vikings did an excellent job locking down the Panthers WR1 last week, holding Benjamin to goose eggs. Odell Beckham is too good to let that happen, but if the Vikings put too much focus on Beckham, Rookie Sterling Shepard can take over this game. His elite route running is just a great sight to watch. He's got 100 yards or a score in all three games this year and I would be shocked if this doesn't continue. I think it's likely he finds the end zone and reaches the 100 yard plateau. 
  3. AJ Green ($8,500 vs MIA)- Here's Terelle Pryor's stat line ignoring the passing and running; 14 targets, 8 catches for 144 yards. I think anybody who has watched football before knows AJ Green is a much better player than Pryor. Bengals after suffering an uninspiring defeat at the hands of The Trevor will go to old reliable AJ Green. Expect one of those ridiculous AJ Green lines in this one. 

Tight Ends 

  1. Jordan Reed ($6,300 vs CLE)- Not many tight ends are more of a focal point in an offense than Jordan Reed is. The matchup with Cleveland Browns should be something that Reed exploits in abig way finding the end zone for the first time this season. 
  2. Hunter Henry ($2,700 vs NO) - Antonio Gates wasn't close to playing Week 3 versus the Colts so here came 2nd round rookie Hunter Henry. 5 catches for 76 yards. That's not bad! And he's only $2,700? Now he gets the New Orleans Saints at home. Philip Rivers likes to throw a lot. So here's the equation... High volume passing attack + New Orleans Saints defense + Talented tight end = Fantasy Fun For Everyone! HAIL KING HENRY
  3. Dennis Pitta ($3,900 vs OAK) - If his price tag was lower, he would likely be a cash game staple for me, but being that much more than Hunter Henry I can't get too on board with him. We know he's Joe Flacco's best friend so he's got that going for him. More importantly PITA CHIPS! https://twitter.com/stacyspitachips/status/693181513563791360


New addition to the Cheezi DFS Experience...Three cheap guys to throw in a tournament.

  1. Dwayne Washington ($3,800 @ CHI) - The Bears defense is REALLY BAD. I heard someone on the NFL Network actually call them "Ungood". Take a shot on Dwayne "The Rock" Washington. https://youtu.be/Z73sM7GBQho
  2. Cole Beasley ($3,900 @ SF) - I expect the Cowboys to win this game easily, but Beasily will do well easily! Eh? Eh? I'll stop. At least 12.5 points in all three games so far makes him a safe flex in cash games. 
  3. Tyler Boyd ($3,400 vs MIA) - The Dolphins let Terelle Pryor go bananas. Boyd was talked up by many in the preseason maybe this is the breakout game.  


  1. Minnesota Vikings ($3,600 vs NYG) - The Vikings have had 20 points or more in 2 of 3 games with the one game less than 20 being versus the Packers (12). Now they get to go up against this guy...https://twitter.com/elimanningsface/status/377248830254616576
  2. Buffalo Bills ($2,600 @ NE) - I know Bill Belichick is great and all, but he's down to asking around the Boston bars looking for a quarterback. This is just a tournament play, but this is one that could bring in a lot of points, (22 points last week). 
  3. Cincinnati Bengals ($3,200 vs MIA) - A safe strategy is to start the home defense on Thursdays. It helps if it's a good defense versus Ryan Tannehill


Also a new addition to the Cheezi DFS experience, here's a list of guys to avoid in cash lineups. 

  1. Eli Manning ($6,100 @ MIN)
  2. Frank Gore ($5,200 @ JAC)
  3. Dez Bryant ($7,900 @ SF)
  4. Jimmy Graham ($4,000 @ NYJ)
  5. Washington Redskins ($3,500 vs CLE)