DFS Lineup Advice: Week 11

Just a heads up, I will not be sharing my logic and DFS knowledge next week. Next week is Thanksgiving and as FLAFFL knows, family comes first. Hmm…is this an oxymoron since FLAFFL means family? Well, either way you will have to get on without me. If you must, you can reach out to me on the Fantasy Life app or on Twitter.

Before I start to breakdown Week 11, I’d like to put this note from last week here and say I told you so! This note especially goes out to my boy Cheezi! Maybe you should have read my article! Just saying!

Note: I am hearing a ton of chatter about using Jay Cutler ($5,300) and I will not try and talk you out of it. He has the most ideal matchup as Tampa Bay is giving up the most fantasy points to the QB position over the last three weeks. However, I don’t see it as anything other than a cash play paired with the high priced running backs. He does not have the upside for a GPP and I will have very limited exposure to him for this reason

Alright, now that my humble brag is out of the way…onto the good stuff! As always this is just the main slate, which features 12 games this week.

All three of my QBs did fairly decent again. They were all serviceable in cash lineups and Ben Roethlisberger was a solid option in GPP lineups. Since I have yet to jump on the Mariota train this season, I am going to stay off of him again. He cannot put up another four touchdowns can he? Well although I’m not listing him, just know he is in play again this week.

Any of the top priced guys - $7,800 to $6,700

This is a weird week at quarterback. I can make an argument to use any of the five most expensive guys in cash and a couple in GPP lineups. Rather than ignore them all I will just list them for what type of games I like them in.

Tom Brady - $7,800 (NE @ SF): Cash and GPP
People will likely be off him because of his price and the fact he did not throw a touchdown last week. Because of this I like him as a somewhat contrarian pick in GPP lineups.

Aaron Rodgers - $7,600 (GB @ WAS): Cash Only
What Green Bay team are we going to see this week? I do not even have confidence they win this game. I think he can hit enough value in cash, but probably not enough for GPP.

Ben Roethlisberger - $7,500 (PIT @ CLE): Cash and GPP
This is my higher priced GPP play. The upside is amazing although he will likely be highly owned. If you can pair him up with Antonio Brown or a contrarian Eli Rogers stack you should have a good start to your lineup.

Andrew Luck - $7,200 (IND vs. TEN): Cash and GPP
I am putting Luck here as both a GPP and cash option, however I think I prefer him in cash. Tennessee is 27th in Defense DVOA and Luck could easily go off against them. He has just lost my trust.

Marcus Mariota - $6,700 (TEN @ IND): Cash and GPP
Well I know I said I wasn’t mentioning him in the article, but yet here he is. I will not jump on the bandwagon, but how can you not love him again this week against the Colts who are 31st in Defense DVOA? Play him at a discounted price in GPP lineups from the guys listed above.

Andy Dalton - $5,700 (CIN vs. BUF): Cash and GPP
I love Dalton this week. His price is amazing and no one is talking about him. He has a full arsenal of weapons now with Tyler Eifert back and his matchup is phenomenal too. Dalton is facing the Bills – a team who has allowed the most fantasy points to the QB position over the last three weeks. They are also ranked 23rd in Defense DVOA. I would consider a Dalton, Green and Eifert stack in a GPP lineup this week. Maybe even a couple of them.

Others I like that are somewhat reasonably priced: Kirk Cousins ($5,800) and Tyrod Taylor ($5,600) for GPP only.

Running Back
This is another week where we must pay up at running back. Well, at least for one running back. That said, I will probably pay up for two and look for more value at the wide receiver position.

LeVeon Bell - $8,800 (PIT @ CLE)
There are four guys at running back I do not question using and they are all worth a look every week. LeVeon Bell is a beast and he finally found the end zone last week - twice! I'm not afraid to spend up here and grab him. The matchup is very favorable as well since Cleveland is 30th in Defense DVOA.

Note: DeMarco Murray, Ezekiel Elliot and David Johnson are all in play for me too!

LeSean McCoy - $6,900 (BUF @ CIN)
I love McCoy here for GPP lineups. I'm not saying I wouldn't use him in cash either, but no one is talking about this guy. Before his injury, McCoy was a top six running back in the NFL. He just saw 21 carries in Week 9 and is coming off a bye week where he should be near full health. Not to mention the Bengals have given up the sixth most fantasy points to the RB position over the last five weeks.

Isaiah Crowell - $3,900 (CLE vs. PIT)
Crowell is in a great spot here. The Steelers have given up 509 yards rushing over the last four games. That is nearly 130 yards per game. Crowell’s value is limited by opportunities, but he should flourish over Duke Johnson in this game. At this price he only needs 16 points for 4x value.

Wide Receiver
Wow...two weeks ago it was Dez Bryant, now it is Mike Evans and Alshon Jeffery. Well this means I can skip this section since none of these guys will work out this week. Oh well, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again!

Antonio Brown - $9,500 (PIT @ CLE)
Brown is loving that Big Ben is back since his splits with and without him are vastly different. He is a no brainer going up against a bad Cleveland defense. Do not overthink it. In fact I like ABon his own more than rostering Roethlisberger on his own.

Others to consider: OBJ and A.J. Green

Davantae Adams - $6,700 (GB @ WAS)
As a Bears fan it pains me to see Green Bay struggle. Haha! Yeah right! Even though they are a division rival, I am not afraid to roster Packers on my team. Adams has seen 47 targets the last four games. I plan on using him in both cash and GPP lineups. The matchup against Washington isn't great, but it is not something that scares me off either.

Cameron Meredith - $4,100 (CHI @ NYG)
With Alshon Jeffery being suspended for four games, we can look to Cameron Meredith again. Cutler can no longer zero in on Alshon and that means Meredith should start seeing looks again.

Eli Rogers is my other option at this price range.

Tight End
I apologize for my Lance Kendricks recommendation. Wow! He was bad! I only have two (kind of four) for this week.

Tyler Eifert - $5,400 (CIN vs.BUF)
I like Jordan Reed and Delanie Walker, but I love my newfound man crush. Weird, my other ones are Greg Olsen and Kyle Long. Seems I have a thing for big white guys! Haha! I have followed Eifert since college and owned him in all but one yearly league last year. Matchup isn't the best on paper, but give him to me anyway.

Martellus Bennett - $3,700 (NE @ SF)
Bennett is going to be the chalk play for cash if Rob Gronkowski is out. I'm okay with using him, but as a Bears fan I know how inconsistent he can be. I prefer others for cash and Bennett for GPP lineups.

Do not forget to get on the Fantasy Life App and find me in the FLAFFL chat or check with me on Twitter if you have more specific questions. Best of luck!