Bet Now. Win Later

Written by Steven Marcuz and Shaun Meyer, who go by @sidskeat and @deadduck, respectively, on the Fantasy Life App

So before football starts and we’re all consumed in fantasy football and nachos, we figured we would throw you some future or long term bets to make you some money just in case your fantasy season takes a crap or your team misses the playoffs. A little something you can bet on now, forget about, and then when the season ends you’ll be at the counter collecting the green stuff. Now these picks are by no means guarantees (really, no bet is), but things we could see happening and for longer odds may be worth a bet for some major payouts at the end of the year.

Super Bowl

Steve’s Picks

Cincinnati Bengals 20/1 (+2000)

This is one of my favorite plays. The Bengals have one of the easier roads to the playoffs. Returning most of their players from last year and hoping to have a healthy Andy Dalton for the season, the Bengals are almost guaranteed a spot in the playoffs, mostly because of their soft schedule and weak divisional opponents (Browns, Ravens). Where the risk lies here is that we’ve all seen the Bengals in the playoffs, but if they turn the corner this year, you could be in for a good payout.

Indianapolis Colts 35/1 (+3500)

This is my hail Mary pick of the season as the return of Andrew Luck under center for the Colts means just about everything to them. We expect the Colts to throw the ball. A lot. If the Colts catch fire heading into the playoffs, as I expect them to win their division, the payoff could be worth the gamble.

Pick to Avoid - New England Patriots 15/2 (+750)

Even with Tom Brady suspended for the first 4 games of the season, the New England Patriots are still the favorites to win the Super Bowl at 15/2. Although it is totally possible that could happen, I don’t like the value here and it’s a risk that I’m not willing to take.

Shaun’s Picks

Green Bay Packers 8/1 (+800)

This may be a theme throughout the article. A favorite, but still decent value at these odds. Jordy Nelson is back. Eddie Lacy is in better shape. Randall Cobb is going back in the slot. Jared Cook is now in the mix. This offense will hum this year. As long as they don’t have to travel to Seattle in January, they are a good bet to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.

Arizona Cardinals 10-1 (+1000)

This team has everything. They have looked like garbage so far in the preseason, but I believe Arians to be a perennial preseason sandbagger. 

Pittsburgh Steelers 10/1 (+1000)

May be best offense along with the Packers. Le’Veon Bell gets the first leg of season off = fresh legs in the playoffs. Antonio Brown is the best WR in the league. Period. If the big 3 stay healthy and their D can be decent, a good value pick from the AFC.

Washington 45/1 (+4500)

Here’s my long shot. A little crazy but if this one hits you'll be going to the window screaming "YOU LIKE THAT!!"

Division Winners

Steve’s Picks

Arizona Cardinals 7/5 (+140)

I have the Cardinals here because as a team that’s considered a favorite to win the Super Bowl, I was surprised to see they were not the favorite and giving money for the division. I think that they’ll beat Seattle for the NFC West title and getting these odds makes this an easy bet for me.

New York Jets 7/1 (+700)

With everyone returning from their surprising season last year, and with the addition of Matt Forte to replace Chris Ivory, the Jets are expecting to build upon 2015. As mentioned earlier, with Tom Brady missing 4 games (one of which will be against the Jets) there is a slight opening this season that usually isn’t there. If the Jets take advantage, you’ve got some great value.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 15/2 (+750)

I know Duck also picked these guys so instead of giving the same reasons, I put them here to point out the difference in odds. If you find a team you like, be sure to shop around, as different sportsbooks offer different odds. Might as well find the spot that will give you the most bang for your buck right?  

Shaun’s Picks

Bucs 5/1 (+500)

The Panthers are favorites in this division, as they should be. But I like the Bucs offense this year and while Cam is clearly a top QB when things are going well, he showed in the Super Bowl that when the going gets tough, he folds like an accordion and pouts in the corner. I could see bad things for Carolina if they start slow and Tampa at this price would be a nice payout.

Skins 11/4 (+225)

Clearly I believe in Washington this year. And you never know what the giants and cowboys are going to do. Nice price

Raiders 11/5 (+220)

The Broncos and Chiefs are both favored over Oakland for the division, but I’m not sure they should be. All 3 are equal to me so give me the one with the worst odds.


Steve’s Picks

Andrew Luck 11/1 (+1100)

As mentioned in the Super Bowl section, many of us believe that the Colts are going to be throwing the ball all over the field. If Luck can throw over 40 TDs again like he did in 2014 he would definitely be in the conversation for MVP.

Adrian Peterson 25/1 (+2500)

Someone who has already won this award once, and with Teddy Bridgewater going down and Sam Bradford coming in, I think the Vikings are going to rely on him more than ever. Peterson is a freak athlete and what he does with the 300 carries he’s about to see could definitely turn in to a good payday for anyone taking this bet.

AJ Green 250/1 (+25000)

This is my dark horse MVP, mostly because you can put $5 on it and not worry about losing much. I’m sure you’ve spent $5 on worse, I know I have. But Green is going to be leaned on in the passing game this season and if he gets Tyler Eifert’s red zone looks to go on top of the massive yardage he already accumulates, that small bet could mean big bucks.

Shaun’s Picks

Aaron Rodgers 9/2 (+450)

He's the favorite. But my thoughts on the Pack's offense have been made clear.

Drew Brees 28/1 (+2800)

Long shot but Brees may throw for a million yards. Cooks, Snead, Thomas, Fleener, and a bad, BAD D makes Brees a lock to pile up big numbers and at this price, mmmmmm.

Prop – Most Receiving Yards

AJ Green 16/1 (+1600)

Another bargain at a longer shot price. With so many targets leaving town, Green could make the jump to elite this year if he stays healthy.

Be sure to check back on Friday 9/9 as we give out our picks for NFL Week 1!! Now go make some money!