FLAFFL Picks of Destiny: Week 2

Week 2 is here, and fancy that we didn’t have a stinker Thursday night. Well let’s hope we can get games filled with just as much offence all Sunday, and let’s see whose destiny it is to pick the most winners Week 2. These picks are don’t straight up with the person with the lowest total will get the dunce cap treatment.

Jay Dondon aka @1littleindian on the Fantasy Life App - A Canadian with a temper. Don’t get on his bad side or you will see his syrupy wraith!

Kevin Cutillo aka @wallycentral - esteemed FLAFFL House Podcast Host and vehement Patriots supporter. Life has been so tough on him hasn't it?

Steve Marcuz aka @sidskeat - Creator of all FLAFFL, lord and savior to all fantasy nerds. (Not really but he likes his ego stroked so maybe this will help me in a future trade)

Brandon DePouw aka @bdepoo - The punching bag of FLAFFL. Not really he’s a stand-up guy. As he's reading this he's currently building a deck for his home instead of leaving Ohio like everyone else has.

Gustavo Mendoza aka @gg - Then theirs me, devilishly handsome and extremely witty, and apparently the only one here that knows how to work Squarespace. 

Sal Leto aka @Sal33 – The man, the myth, the legend everyone’s favorite, who hates/loves us all equally.

Without further ado here are the week 2 picks.