Viva Los Raiders?

Writer - @martzmadness on the Fantasy Life App

The good news for the city of Oakland is that the Raiders are a dark horse favorite to win the West this year, which could translate to their first playoff berth in 13 years. The bad news for the city of Oakland is that its hallowed team might not be there to celebrate too long. Nothing is official yet, but the Raiders organization has filed for trademark applications (with the intent to use for commerce in the future) under the name “The Las Vegas Raiders”.

While the Los Angeles Rams elected to move into the Golden State, it would appear as though the Raiders would like to opt out. With a freshly acquired NHL team, it would be naïve to think that the Raiders are anything but welcome with the mayor and the city council of Las Vegas, which is crucial. Those pencil-pushers will be the ones who draw up new zoning laws to get a stadium built in Las Vegas as soon as possible. However, unlike the Rams who have the L.A. Coliseum to play in while their new Mecca is built, there is not really a stadium in Las Vegas at this point which would be suitable to house the Raiders and their unmistakable Black Hole.

As a matter of fact, that bodes well for diehard Raiders fans. A new stadium (unless it is already in clandestine production) will take likely about five years to complete. This gives the Black Hole about five years to move down to Nevada with the team.

And speaking of the team…this probably has very little, if any, fantasy implication whatsoever. Occasionally, a team plays out of their minds towards the end of a swan song season, and gives the city that they’re leaving a fresh memory. The odds are, the Raiders are staying in Oakland for at least a few more years.

With the budding Derek Carr, a thorough mix of veterans and fresh legs in the receiving corps, and a competent back in Latavius Murray, hopes are probably pretty high that Las Vegas will be inheriting some kind of playoff-sure dynasty down the road. One of the NFL’s most underrated defenses certainly might have something to do with that, too. Keep calm though, both Raiders fans and owners.

It is also worth noting that the San Diego Chargers, another team in the AFC West, has applied under the same circumstances for the name “The LA Chargers”. That has not come to fruition, and there’s certainly reasonable doubt that this will, either.