Jacksonville Jaguars Draft Preview

There's three things you can count on in life; death, taxes and the Jacksonville Jaguars having a top five pick in the NFL draft. While the team has more talent than in years past, 2016 was another disappointing season and led to the firing of Gus Bradley midway through the year. So the Jaguars are in somewhat of a rebuild mode, yet again. I'd say their fans have to be sick of this but to be honest I don't know how many loyal fans this franchise had left.

That being said, the Jaguars are still one of the more fascinating teams heading into the NFL draft. In 2015 they had the Best Buy low offense in fantasy and if they make some slight improvements they could hold that title once again in 2017. All rounds are approximated because, well, I'm not a “draft expert” and let's be honest even those guys don't know what teams are doing most of the time.

Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU
Round 1, 4 overall

This seems like one of the most likely things to happen at this time in the coming NFL draft. An absolute beast of a man NFL scouts have been salivating over Fournette since he was in high school. Fournette is simply the best pure runner in this class and one of the most physical runners I've ever seen. At 240 pounds, Fournette ran a 4.5 40 yard dash at the NFL combine, a score good enough to put him in the 96th percentile on playerprofiler.com’s speed score index. Fournette is a prototypical work horse running back as he was essentially LSU’s entire offense the last two seasons. Some scouts question Fournette’s desire and passion, but to them I say go back and watch all the tape of Fournette punishing defenders to gain extra yardage rather than going out of bounds. While Chris Ivory and T.J. Yeldon haven't been able to perform consistently in Jacksonville, neither of them are as talented as Fournette. Drafting Fournette would give Jacksonville the run/pass balance that Coach Doug Marrone wants and would help alleviate some of the pressure placed on quarterback Blake Bortles.

Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma
2nd round, 35 overall

No matter how hard I try I can't help but put Joe Mixon on NFL teams. The guy might be the best running back in this class and will be a steal to whatever team is willing to deal with the bad PR and take him in the NFL draft. At this point I think Jacksonville would and they'd just be happy that people are actually talking about them. Possessing the athletic ability of Ezekiel Elliot and showing patience akin to LeVeon Bell, Mixon would be a top 10 pick if he wasn't a piece of shit. Mixon was a workhorse at Oklahoma and will immediately make an impact on whatever team drafts him. If you're as disgusted with this man’s off the field actions as I am just prepare yourself that he's going to be drafted, someone on your dynasty team is going to get a steal in him and we're going to have to listen to NFL announcers dance around his off the field issues while praising his talent until everyone forgets what happens. That shouldn't take too long, just look at Tyreek Hill. In the NFL talent trumps character and Mixon has a ton of it.

Josh Dobbs, QB, Tennessee
Round 2, 35 overall

I know what you're thinking, the Jaguars are set at quarterback; they have Blake Bortles. Well, to that I respond; have you actually watched him? The reigning king of garbage time, Bortles has been good for fantasy the last two seasons, despite being one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL. Just imagine what a real quarterback could do with those weapons. I don't know if Dobbs is much better than Bortles, but I don't think he could be much worse. One of the most intelligent quarterbacks in the draft, Dobbs should win over scouts in the film room and has quality tape to back it up. He has excellent deep ball accuracy with 47.7% completion and 14 touchdowns of over 21 yards last season. He also showed explosiveness as a runner last year especially inside the red zone. I don't know if Dobbs is a franchise QB, but I know Bortles isn't one and the Jags need to start taking fliers hoping they find a diamond in the rough.

O.J. Howard
Round 1

While I don't believe the Jaguars would take Howard at number 4 overall, I could see them trading back, acquiring more picks and being able to draft one of the best tight end prospects in a long time. Since Julius Thomas was traded to Miami this offseason, the Jaguars have a need at the position and Howard would provide a nice safety blanket for Blake Bortles and hopefully help him mitigate some of the turnovers that have plagued his career. At 6’6 251 pounds, Howard is the type of mismatch redzone threat that can completely transform an offense. Alabama was a low passing offense, but Howard made the most of every opportunity winning player of the game honors for the 2015 National Championship game. Howard is an exceptional run blocker, but also has the athletic ability to terrorize defenses at the second and third level. Given the number of holes on this roster, there's worse things the Jaguars can do than trade back, acquire more assets and still be able to get a difference maker like O.J. Howard.