Official Rankings for AFC North begin to take shape The Baltimore Ravens come out as sole undefeated team, Cleveland bringing up the rear

By Samuel Meyer, who goes by Ravensfan1 on the Fantasy Life App

As the smoke settles on week 3 of the NFL, it is reflected upon very highly in the Meyer house hold. Not only did the Baltimore Ravens, the favorite team of yours truly, come out with a close win to temporarily hold first place in the AFC North, but the Philadelphia Eagles, favorite team of my brother, was able to STEEL the undefeated streak away from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Roll your eyes at the pun if you like, tears of joy were shed as I went to bed that night.

In all seriousness, however, it was my boss that put it best when he stated that the AFC North flat out sucked this week. Put aside the fact that the Steelers played as if they had never heard of the word football before, all four teams in the division dropped most of the momentum they had hung onto for the last two three weeks. And, maybe worse, three out of four of them lost, ruining my perfect record and making all the times I've said this was a strong division seem like lies, and I hate them for that. But of course, I love them enough to keep analyzing. So, here we go with the week 3 review of the AFC North.

Baltimore Ravens (3-0)

Just because they won, doesn't mean the were good. The Ravens did not play well on Sunday, squeaking by with a 19-17 point victory over the now 0-3 Jacksonville Jaguars. While they were able to rack up points in every quarter of the game, the only touchdown they had was recorded off a QB sneak in the first quarter. While it is worth mentioning that Flacco completed twenty-one passes straight, but none of his receivers could get in the endzone. The streak ended when Mike Wallace dropped a pass in the paint for what should have been a new seven points.

Not only was the Ravens offense pretty scrambled, but their defense was nothing special. Of course, it's hard NOT to catch interceptions when you're going against Blake Bortles (who, by the way, is on my team). But that didn't stop Jacksonville from scoring two touchdowns during the game. Really, if the Ravens don't improve, they'd better start praying to their savior Justin Tucker and hoping for the best. Because otherwise, that streak, as well as their position on top of the division, is over.

Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1)

    Quick… someone poke the team with a stick and see if anyone is still breathing. Man, the Steelers blew it big on Sunday. They may have walked in confident, but they rode out of that stadium on the bottom of the Eagles shoes like a piece of old gum. I wish I was analyzing the Eagles this week. Carson Wentz has gone three games without a single interception. He threw two touchdowns, one was in amazing fashion as Darren Sproles caught a pass and ran seventy-three yards to the endzone, sealing the fate of my former Super Bowl Favorites.

    But I rest my case on the Eagles. As for the Steelers, They looked terrible. Im sure you were expecting a joke about how terrible they were. Well, they are the joke. The Steelers had everyone fooled that they could be Super Bowl contenders. Then they went out and lost in tremendous fashion, only scoring a single field goal the entire game. This is coming from the team with three of the top players in the NFL. But they didn’t show that version of the Steelers. Ben Roethlisberger dropped the ball twice, but managed to get the ball back and only turn it over once… Sort of. He then threw an interception after that. Antonio Brown’s longest run was only for twenty yards, which is pretty underwhelming for him. Lastly, the defense that was so highly talked about last week fell apart, not getting a single turnover and allowing twenty-one points scored in a single quarter (thirty-four over all). So, add one more reason to why I hate the Steelers: They ruined my perfect pick record.

Cincinnati Bengals (1-2)

    This, on the other hand, I can live with. Yes, I was wrong about the Bengals winning this week. But, I had chosen to pick the upset. It shouldn’t have been that surprising. However, I did find it surprising. The Cincinnati Bengals looked great on week 1 against a very good Jets defense and what seemed at the time to be a good Jets offense. Of course, after this week, we realize that the Jets aren’t the team we were hoping they’d be. Still, the fact remains that, after the Bengals dominated them, it seemed as though they were destined for the playoffs.

    Then, they lost to the Steelers 16-24. Losing a rivalry game, especially an interdivisional rivalry game, has got to sting. Which is why I thought the Bengals would have a monster comeback game this week against the Denver Broncos. After all, the Broncos were playing a quarterback who had thrown very little the past two weeks. Then, all of a sudden, the Broncos go up against a decent defense and throws four touchdowns. It makes no sense when it comes right down to it. But hey, at least Jeremy Hill blew up, which I had predicted weeks ago.

Cleveland Browns (0-3)

    I promised a friend of mine, who is a Browns fan, that I’d be a little nicer to them. Now, we all know that, typically, I would ignore this and ask something like “Who in the world is Cody Kessler” or mention that, at this point, winning any game at all would be like winning the Super Bowl to them or, Heaven forbid, make another poop joke about the Browns (their season is going down the toilet, thats all im saying). But, giving credit where it is due, the Browns were one of the better teams in the AFC North this week. While they did still lose and secure last place in the division for the time being, they were able to intercept Ryan Tannehill twice. And, while Cody Kessler did very little to jack up the score on the Dolphins in this narrow defeat, he recorded two hundred and forty-four yards in an attempt to bring a win to Cleveland. Hopefully, these numbers mean that the carousel of quarterbacks has stopped for the Browns, and it has stopped at Cody Kessler.

Coming soon: Week 4 Preview in the AFC North